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jonas christiansen

Jonas Christiansen


Jonas says: “I’m a 24 year old art director currently in my last year at the School of Visual Arts. Before coming to New York City for school, I lived my whole life in a little town in the north of Germany. After graduating high school, I took part in a community service at a local kindergarten for children with special needs. Before applying to SVA, I took a 6 month internship at KMF, an ad agency in Hamburg. New York has always been my dream place to live, and having been interested in design since childhood, it was a perfect match. I originally aspired to be a Disney employee, which soon morphed into a fascination of web design. In my teenage years, I started to learn HTML/CSS/Photoshop, and then I became interested in the interactive work that ad agencies were doing. After being at school and interning at Scholz and Friends in Germany and Pereira & O’Dell in NYC, my fascination for the possibilities that advertising offers and its transformation from classic to interactive storytelling has grown tremendously.”

Favorite Color?

Favorite Typeface?

Favorite App?
Spiegel Online

Favorite TV Show?

Favorite Book?
Harry Potter Series

Favorite Movies?
The Empire Strikes Back, Fight Club, Home, The Godfather

Favorite Musician or Band?
The Sound of Rain

Favorite Fine Artist?

Favorite Gadget?

Bookmarked Websites?
Fast Company, Reddit, Gmail

Talent You Wished You Possessed?

Favorite Graphic Designer or Art Director Today?
David Droga

Favorite Design Firm or Ad Agency Working Today?