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brenden schindler

Brenden Schindler


Brenden Schindler is a locally grown Dayton OH native; even at a young age he was always seeking to illustrate what his imagination held. Brenden has had the passion to follow his dream of making art his career, and a strong work ethic passed down from his parents. He is always striving to learn something new, which brought him to SAA, where he is finishing his final year. Loving the process of creating something from nothing, he believes in starting by abusing Sharpie markers, and having fun doing it. If he’s not drawing at his desk, he’s refining his skills as a barista at Press Coffee Bar. He says: “Is it too informal to give shout outs? Here’s to the biggest part of my life: my mother Kristin, father David, brother Mason, and all my friends who have encouraged me.”

Favorite Color?
Various shades of fall

Favorite Typeface?
Anything created from type that was found on old objects

Favorite App?
Notes, The Holy Bible

Favorite TV Show?
For sentimental reasons, Seinfeld

Favorite Book?
Moby Dick

Favorite Movies?
The Sandlot, The Goonies

Favorite Bands/Artists?
Currently Snowing, Modest Mouse, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, Seahaven, Yuck, Backtrack, Woody Guthrie, Moruf, Blu & Exile,Cloakroom

Favorite fine artists?
Pose msk, Dface, Michael Sieben, Gary Taxali, Jacob Des, Matthias Seifarth, The Seven Seas, Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens

Favorite Gadget?
Does a slingshot count?

Bookmarked Websites?
Booooooom, Smith Journal, and Hooligans Tribe

Talent You Wished You Possessed?
Welding, Woodworking, or archery

Favorite Graphic Designer or Art Director Today?
Timba Smits

Favorite Design Firm or Ad Agency?
Morning Breath Inc. or Kindred Studio