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william mcmillian

William McMillian


William McMillian grew up in the small farming community of Trenton MO. The son of two schoolteachers, he dreamed of living in a big city and starting his own design studio from an early age. After attending the Kansas City Art Institute, he got his start by working for several design and advertising companies as an intern. His greatest internship experience came from EAT Design, where he was able to learn how a small studio is operated firsthand. Working alongside studio principals Patrice Eilts and Mark Anderson, William was one of the first KCAI students to win two OMNI awards for his work at EAT. He moved to New York City in 1996, where he worked as an Art Director first at the New York Times Magazine Group and later at Condé Nast Publications. After freelancing for years, William left Condé Nast in 2003 to start his own graphic design studio. Originally called McMillian Design, the firm became McMillian + Furlow in 2010. In his 20 years of experience, McMillian’s work has been featured in several major design magazines, publications, online competitions and design blogs.



The rise of social media has given a great deal of mainstream exposure to graphic design and generated much more appreciation for the discipline. These online platforms help design reach more people who wouldn’t have seen it before. I’m always optimistic about the future of design, and there are always new ways to deliver messages to the public, especially new opportunities that we as designers can create.

Favorite Color?
PMS 200

Favorite Typeface?

Favorite App?

Favorite TV Show?
Most anything on PBS Sunday

Favorite Book?
Too many to list

Favorite Movies?
Blade Runner, Purple Violets & Helvetica

Favorite Musician or Band?
Changes daily

Favorite Fine Artist?
Odd Nerdrum

Favorite Gadget?
iPad Air

Bookmarked Websites?
New York Times, TechCruch, MacRumors, Pinterest & Sprout Social

Talent You Wished You Possessed?
Programming / Code Writing

Greatest Strength as a Designer?
My attention to detail

Biggest Weakness as a Designer?
I’m terribly hard on our work, but it always keeps us working to improve and seek new inspiration