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vicky jones

Vicky Jones


Vicky Jones is the creatively gifted leader of Brand Fever, among the Southeast’s most vibrant brand and marketing firms. Originally from Antwerp, Belgium, she grew up in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Vicky has a keen eye to see beyond the surface and read between the lines. To do the homework behind first impressions. To seek deeper meaning, express value and purpose. To desire authenticity and speak the truth. These lessons endured through her days at prominent Atlanta firms such as Wages Design, TW Design and SA+A. Vicky brings that unique perspective to the work performed by Brand Fever, the company she founded in 1997. Whether it is leading a brand positioning evolution, a web redevelopment effort, or a national brand identity launch, Vicky inspires work that consistently delivers business-building results and meaningful experiences online, offline and mobile. Her honest communication and ambitious expectations helps her staff to push beyond convention, and to thrive in a collaborative atmosphere that hones conceptual aptitude. Brand Fever’s efforts are recognized year after year through industry awards and by globally acclaimed clients who seek the thought leadership that Vicky provides. Clients include some of the world’s largest companies and most iconic brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Cox Communications, Georgia-Pacific Corporation, UPS, AmericasMart and Mohawk Industries.



Creative excellence, innovation and design are in high demand. They are a new currency and the path to differentiation. The need to differentiate in new and innovative ways is critical for so many companies, products and services. Today, differentiation happens online, offline and mobile. Also, change is the only constant. Our advice to aspiring designers is to craft themselves to be digitally centric, to make themselves a “hybrid.” We look for hybrid designers for our team because they can change and innovate at a rate faster than the change rate outside of our organization. I have immense optimism for the future and the value design brings to society and commerce. I have actually never been so excited. As an organization, we are more clear and convicted about who we are and how we create impact than ever before.

Favorite Color?

Favorite Typeface?
Benton Sans

Favorite App?

Favorite TV Show?
Dancing with the Stars

Favorite Book?
The Accidental Creative, Butterflies in the Sky (a 10-page book my 7 year old wrote)

Favorite Movie?
The Constant Gardener

Favorite Musician or Band?
Edith Piaf, Sergio Mendes, Antonio Carlos Jobin

Favorite Fine Artist?
Rex Ray

Favorite Gadget?
My red stapler. It is a GREAT red. And of course my fabulous iPhone.

Bookmarked Websites?
So many! They are so good at being good at who they are.

Talent You Wished You Possessed?
Multiply time in a day; so much I want to do.

Greatest Strength as a Designer?
A gut feeling.

Biggest Weakness as a Designer?
I always want to make it better.