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patrick schab

Patrick Schab


Although Patrick has been a professional designer for more than 20 years, his creative passion actually began during childhood. While other children in his third-grade class were coloring “within the lines,” Patrick found interest in abstract drawings and the graphic appeal within pop culture around him in advertisements and ads. His artistic talent led him to special advanced art classes as a young child and ultimately to a fine arts degree in design from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Patrick worked for one year under his instructor, Michael Glass, then for 13 years at Pressley Jacobs Design, primarily with B2B clients. During that time he refined his skills and knowledge of design as well as his understanding of successful client relationships. With this knowledge, Patrick joined Gerard in 2007, a WBE-certified strategic branding and marketing communications agency based in the Chicago area. As one of the agency’s creative directors, Patrick currently oversees a team of creatives to develop uniquely inventive and powerful integrated B2B and B2C campaigns. Clients include Navistar, Officemax and AAR Corp, to name a few. When not at the agency, Patrick enjoys mountain biking, woodworking and camping with his two boys and his wife, Jeanne.



Our profession has changed greatly over the short 20-plus years I’ve been part of it, and I anticipate that it will continue to evolve with blazing speed as it has for hundreds of years. Critical components of our design and communication processes are constantly being replaced with new and emerging technologies. This is the way of the future. Many young designers may no longer be familiar with typesetters, etchers or “stripper” professions. Will it be our turn to simply fade away with these antiquated professions? I honestly can say with optimism “Never!” Quite simply, designers have continually adapted over the ages and with every new innovation continue to offer something truly timeless: the ability to communicate. Clients will always need to promote their products or communicate impactful messages to society. This has ‒and always will be ‒a key marketing goal. As designers, we have a special ability. We know how to bring communications to life through visuals and type that impact our clients' audiences ‒no matter what the tool or time period. This is why I believe that smart, innovative graphic designers who take time to understand their clients (and, more importantly, their audiences) will always be in demand.

Favorite Color?

Favorite Typeface?
Fonts that have character

Favorite App?

Favorite TV Show?

Favorite Book?
The Devil in the White City Favorite Movie? Back to the Future

Favorite Musician or Band?
The Beatles

Favorite Fine Artist?
Kit Williams

Favorite Gadget?

Talent You Wished You Possessed?
Ability to play a musical instrument

Greatest Strength as a Designer?

Biggest Weakness as a Designer?
Being a perfectionist