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luis fitch + carolina ornelas

Luis Fitch + Carolina Ornelas


Spot-on cross cultural design solutions are a given for Mexico natives, and UNO co-founders, Luis Fitch and Carolina Ornelas. Growing up in Tijuana, Mexico together, working abroad in Europe, and working/living in multiple U.S. locations (from East Coast to West Coast, from Midwest to Deep South), they have a shared understanding of acculturation and culture blending. They draw on their vast cultural experiences for strategy and design inspiration. Arts, music, food, festivals, sports, architecture, decor, traditions, and holidays all influence their work. Their partnership chemistry is rooted in a shared cross-culture journey and mutual passion for experiencing diversity. Favorite pastimes even align: international travel, foreign films, ethnic food, flea markets, museums, fine art, and DIY projects. Given their complementary business talents, dividing UNO’s leadership roles came naturally. Strategic missions are shared; Luis leads creative ventures while Carolina drives operations and account management. Their staff is handpicked to be multicultural and adept at the cultural/idiomatic differences that characterize the U.S. mass market. Luis and Carolina very deliberately built an agency of broad perspective and future-oriented thinking… with deep respect for the past.



We feel very optimistic about the future. It seems to us that our clients have a better understanding of the importance of the Hispanic market. Additionally, Hispanic culture is having a profound effect on music, sports, food, art, fashion and finally politics. This creates a lot of opportunities for any design agency that specialize in this wonderful culture.

Favorite Color?
Rosa Mexicano

Favorite Typeface?
We do not discriminate; we like them all!

Favorite App?
Adobe Kuler

Favorite TV Show?
Mr. Bean

Favorite Book?
Mi Libro Má gico

Favorite Movies?
Any movie directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Favorite Musician or Band?
Massive Attack and Radiohead

Favorite Fine Artist?
Pablo Picasso

Favorite Gadget?
Apple iPhone

Bookmarked Websites? and

Talent You Wished You Possessed?
Better negotiator

Greatest Strength as a Designer?
Able to visualize

Biggest Weakness as a Designer?
Give away strategy