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liz danzico

Liz Danzico


As Creative Director for NPR, Liz Danzico is guiding both the visual and user experience across NPR-branded digital platforms and content. Her team ensures that NPR presents an experience on par with the excellence of its content and supports NPR as they consider new standards in design and storytelling. She is also Chair and Co-founder of the MFA Interaction Design program at SVA. In just five years, its alumni have not only founded their own companies, but made contributions at the likes of Apple, Facebook, frog, IDEO, Johnson & Johnson, R/GA, Twitter, Yahoo!, Yelp, and more. She has written for design-minded publications, including Eye, Interactions, and at As an independent consultant, Liz has advised initiatives that bolster new ideas in design, including Austin Center for Design, NEA Studio, and Thiel Fellowship, and she has worked with businesses on design, planning, and execution of short-and-longterm digital programs. She has cultivated user-centered programs through collaborative methods in education, digital design, and technology to foster positive change. Collaborators included Teach for All, The New York Times, This American Life, and the TED Prize. Liz observes that there are alot of parallels between raising her dog and the practice of design.



Graphic design will be more attentive to the canvas of the invisible over the visible. As interfaces dissipate into human behavior and items formerly known as buttons and screens dissipate into public spaces, our roles take on different challenges. Material for creation is now embedded and transmitted through a new stack – one that contains concepts like mobile, social, sensors, and context to be successful. This graphic design will succeed if it's responsive, dynamic, and smart in both social environments and private spaces. And that sort of design is not always rewarded for what is seen, but for what is not.

Favorite Color?

Favorite Typeface?

Favorite App?
Dark Sky

Favorite TV Show?
Swedish version of Wallander

Favorite Book?
The Power Broker, by Robert Caro

Favorite Movies?
Fitzcarraldo, The Fifth Element, Ric Burns' New York PBS Documentary

Favorite Musician or Band?
Jeremy Denk

Favorite Fine Artist?
Sol LeWitt

Favorite Gadget?

Bookmarked Websites?
Google Drive, Feedly, Expression Engine, Tumblr Dashboard, Instapaper's Read Later Bookmarklet

Talent You Wished You Possessed?
The superpower to say no.

Greatest Strength as a Designer?
Lateral thinking (also known as the inability to do just one thing).

Biggest Weakness as a Designer?
The inability to say no.