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deb levy

Deb Levy


CarrotNewYork (CNY) specializes in creating brand-sponsored education marketing programs for corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies, all seeking imaginative, impactful ways to reach key consumers where they learn, live and play. As Creative Director, Deb manages a team of developers, designers, illustrators and writers in the creation and production of digital games, websites, curriculum, videos, posters, songs, and books. Having spent much of her career crafting marketing messages and materials for industries like consumer package goods and pharmaceuticals, she is now thrilled to specialize in social responsibility, and ideate programs that promote nutrition, emergency preparation and environmental awareness, to name just a few issues. She has been an Associate Creative Director at Ogilvy and had her own consulting company. She has recently achieved one of her lifelong goals, publishing the novel Bury the Hot, the true story of a Holocaust survivor, to rave reviews.



We live in a fast-paced, media-heavy world with information overload. The best design is the one that does what it needs to do, does it well, and then gets out of the way of itself. That doesn’t mean stark, utilitarian, or thoughtless design. Rather, every color, every typeface, every illustration and embellishment should be in service of the communication objective … not the designer.

Favorite Color?
The Fall palette

Favorite Typeface?
Whatever’s most appropriate to convey the right message to the right audience

Favorite App?
Facebook, The New York Times

Favorite TV Show?
Modern Family, Homeland

Favorite Book?
Beloved by Toni Morrison

Favorite Movie?
Life is Beautiful, Slumdog Millionaire

Favorite Bands?
REM (for reminiscing), Ingrid Michaelson (for singing), U2 (for feeling)

Favorite Fine Artist?

Favorite Gadget?
Toss up between the Microplane zester/grater and the Rainbow Loom

Bookmarked Website?

Talent You Wish You Possessed?
I dance to Beyonce, but I wish I danced like Beyonce

Greatest Strength as a Designer?
Respect for copy

Greatest Weakness As A Designer?
I don’t know Illustrator; fortunately, as a creative director, this doesn’t get in the way of doing my job.