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david rice

David Rice


David Rice is president of DesignCom and has been a principal of his own firm for the past 26 years. He is also the founder and chair of the Organization of Black Designers which currently numbers 8,700 members nationally and lists a database of more than 48,000 African-American designers. OBD produces DesigNation, the only national conference for designers that promotes diversity throughout the entirety of design professions. David is a former member of the Michigan Council for the Arts and a three-time member of the Design Arts Panel of the National Endowment for the Arts. He has served as a member of the Exhibits Planning Committee of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, and he recently joined the advisory board for the Creative Corridor Initiative in Detroit, an initiative to attract businesses that have creativity as their core asset. A graduate of the College for Creative Studies (CCS), which he attended on scholarship, he was honored as a Distinguished Alumnus in 2007. His postgraduate work was in marketing with an emphasis on entrepreneurial development, and he has completed the Harvard University Entrepreneur Development Program. David has taught at Parsons School of Design, and lectured at the likes of Illinois Institute of Technology, Art Center College of Design, Wharton School of Business, Pratt, North Carolina State, University of Cincinnati, Indiana University, University of the Arts and LSU, to name a few. He has won innumerable industry awards and been featured in all major industry publications.



I expect the pace at which design projects are completed and the speed of the design process itself to continue to accelerate. The immense application and focus of digital tools being applied to design and manufacturing has cut delivery time of a finished product by 30-50%. In the case of digital printing, it’s only hours. Digital tools help to provide more design options in a much shorter time. From autos to graphic design there is a greater expectation and demand for shorter delivery timetables. Since design now does literally come out of a “box” and the increase in productivity that is made possible has tended to marginalize graphic design to the extent that the sheer volume of graphic product is making it so ubiquitous, especially on the Web, that even “good design” is now completely taken for granted. I am concerned that there is so much great work being done now that we will lapse into a “stagnation of quality.” The public is being exposed to higher caliber work in such quantity that this may lead to a kind of aesthetic complacency. Personally, I would like to see graphic design return more to its roots as a craft and not as the product of a technician.

Favorite Color?

Favorite Typeface?
Avant Garde Gothic

Favorite App?
Google Sky Map

Favorite TV Show?
PBS: NOVA, Sherlock

Favorite Book?
Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda,
Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida

Favorite Movies?
Star Wars

Favorite Musician or Band?
Miles Davis

Favorite Fine Artists?
Hermon Futrell, Allie McGhee

Favorite Gadget?
Corkscrews of all kinds

Bookmarked Websites?
Design Boom, Science Daily

Talent You Wished You Possessed?
Being multilingual

Greatest Strength as a Designer?

Biggest Weakness as a Designer?
Time management