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Green Design

hybrid design

Dora Drimalas and Brian Flynn are co-founders of Hybrid design

hybrid design

san francisco ca

At Hybrid Design we employ a holistic approach to sustainability and design. For us, making sure that a project is sustainable, means making sure that a project is appropriate in concept and execution for both the brand and the end user. There are two ways we look at sustainability; producing things using environmentally conscious materials and considerations, and producing things to last. It is our responsibility as strategists and designers to consider the long-term before we begin a project, consider every deliverable as a lasting impression for that brand. Can this company sustain what we are recommending? Is it long-term thinking? Is it good for the earth in a myriad of ways? Is it good for consumers? In an age where sustainability is key, both the solutions and the materials that we choose for our executions matter significantly.

hybrid design

The world of printing and paper has changed, it’s no longer the automatic, everyday medium; it has instead become the solution for specialty keepsakes. This digital age has made us see what was once considered the ephemeral (paper) as the new permanent. We considered and used this shift in our recent work on the Mohawk Maker Campaign. The campaign is designed to celebrate craftsmanship and those who are making things that matter – sustainable things. In this digital world, people own fewer “things” today so the things they choose to hold on to need to not only be beautiful, but also be made from sustainable materials, and designed to last.

The digital age also provides us with the opportunity to reconsider the traditional “leave behind.” In the past, a traditional retail leave behind might have looked like a catalog with technical benefits and beautiful photography. Today we can substitute that with an immersive digital experience, such as the digital retail apps that we designed for Nike AF1 and Air Max. The apps create an immersive experience where a consumer can be educated and entertained at the same time. Retail is traditionally sensory overload so creating a digital experience that can draw in a consumer is key.

hybrid design