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Green Design

folia design

folia design

napa ca

Folia Design is a micro studio specializing in brand identity, collateral, packaging and website design. “Long before the ecological footprint became a trend or a measurable concept, I was seeking ways to design and produce materials that were kinder to our planet and softer on my clients wallets,” says Folia Design founder Julia Allen. “Most of our clients appreciate and fully embrace the practices of eco-friendly design and printing – preferring recycled papers, soluble soy-based inks and print vendors who adhere to cleaner printing standards. Further, when strategically reasonable and appropriate, we enable our clients to transition print collateral to the online medium, giving them the immediacy and flexibility of website marketing power while also conserving resources.”

Napa itself is an inspiration to this sustainable approach. Surrounded by rolling vineyards and abundant wildlife that excites our aesthetic, we endeavor to nurture and respect the land. Napa Valley’s beauty truly encapsulates our workplace philosophy – healthy beginnings through mindful choices to garner smarter, cleaner and creative solutions, in design and life, for as long as we can.

folia design

Foodshed Pizza & Pasta leverages its name “foodshed” – a geographic location that produces food for a particular population – including the land where it’s grown, the kitchens through which it passes, and the tables on which it is set. While its fresh and flavorful cuisine is sure to please customers, the company also looks into the community-at-large by partnering with a local Napa non-profit to help create a new kind of job training program for the low-income and underserved. Foodshed Pizza & Pasta approached Folia Design to conceptualize a brand that would reflect the heart of the company – conscious consumption with a cause – and roll it out into a comprehensive website, signage and other materials for the restaurant.

Foodshed uses their website for nearly 90% of all their marketing initiatives – including social media and public relations – so print collateral is kept to a sustainable minimum. Allen visually imbued this innate sustainability into the brand’s typography, texture and symbology, with the logo’s mark representing the venerable Italian pizza peel. Folia Design found a great partner in Foodshed Pizza & Pasta and its founder, Giovanni Guerrera, because both companies share a sustainable ideology that embodies eco-mindedness – always.