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Green Design

christiansen creative

pictured Left to right: Sarah Huener, Tricia Christiansen, Calvin Buchanan, Dave MacDonald, Amy Stemper

christiansen creative

hudson wi

Christiansen Creative is a design firm that partners with organizations to create engaging and memorable communications. Says Creative Director Tricia Christiansen: “We’re very fortunate that the larger clients we partner with have very strong green initiatives that our work can complement. Internally, there are things we embrace that are simple, reduction of waste, reuse of printed documents, electronic – these are no brainers. But in between the large clients and our own studio, there are countless projects that allow us to push the message from green to sustainability. Some of our approach parallels with The Living Principles for Design. We’ve worked on campaigns that promote shop local to builds local economy and reduce fuel. We partner with nonprofits to raise awareness and improve as a community our behavior. And even simple things like low cost options for start-ups that reduce materials and allow for growth.

We’re more than our collection or people and ideas, we’re part of a community that expands past our town. The goal is not to grow and bill, but to nurture and improve our own lives and the world around us. Other companies have a mission. We have a promise. On our honor, we do pledge to serve our clients and our community, to do our best to be friendly, fair and true to our word, responsible for our actions, respectful to others, and to do our very best at all times, make our community a better place enjoy our work and each other, every day, month and year.”

christiansen creative

The AIGA (Re)design Awards competition recognizes design that challenges designers to (re)think the world and our choices. The design was created to illustrate a sustainable story in a format that could be modular for multiple uses. The Christiansen Creative team needed to simply and quickly touch on how choices, potentially made while designing at a computer, can have a huge impact on our resources. The icons created in a bright wedge format were mixed and matched depending on the size and use within the campaign. The implementation of this system was purely digital, removing any print elements. Graphics were created for “supporters” to download and use in their own social media posts, wallpapers for tablets, phone and desktops were available to download and a printable pdf was online for design to print is needed in their own studio.