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Green Design

ace creative

ace creative

medford ma

Ace Creative is a certified woman-owned graphic design firm specializing in brand development, print, and interactive design services for education and nonprofits. Ace Creative was founded in 2007 by Ashley Lazonick Harding.

Now, six years later, the busy growing business that is Ace Creative is a testament to Harding’s dedication to the goal of creating design that can make a difference. Their tagline is “Design for Knowledge,” and their client list includes some of the world’s leading educational institutions, including Harvard University, Tufts University, Lesley University, American University, Georgetown University and University of Massachusetts. On top of that, they service many Boston area nonprofits including The Eliot School, Interise, Access Strategies Fund, and Provide (formerly the Abortion Access Project).

Sustainability is a primary focus of the firm’s vision and mission. The studio, built in 2010 by her husband Laroy Harding, is made primarily out of recycled or environmentally friendly materials. The mission is also carried through by: working with carefully chosen clients who share like-minded goals; using responsible office policies and practices (which has included everything from installing a rain barrel for landscaping, to installing low-flow faucet adapters, to buying office supplies from a local company); making green printing choices wherever possible; and giving back to the community through volunteer days at a local urban farm and offering pro-bono work to small non profits. They received certification as a “Sustainable Business Leader” in February 2013 from the Sustainable Business Leadership Program, which involved completing a 30-point checklist that pertained to physical office structure, office policies, and vendor choices.

ace creative

Ace Creative designed this set of infographic-based brochures for Interise, an organization dedicated to training and empowering small business owners. This innovative Boston-based nonprofit had produced huge array of printed collateral over the years, but lacked a unifying concept with a straightforward message. By honing in on one clear concept to each of the three target audiences, and creating infographics to help condense information, we were able to design three straightforward brochures that clearly communicate without confusion, extraneous information, or wasted paper. The brochures were printed at a local printer using soy-based inks and recycled paper.