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terri goldstein

terri goldstein

principal, the goldstein group

Terri Goldstein is the principal and founder of The Goldstein Group. A marketing and visual brand strategist who for two decades has restaged some of America’s most beloved brands, Goldstein views brands as living, breathing entities. She is author of breakthrough research on consumer behavior, recall and sensory motivation in the retail environment. Her Proprietary Shelf Sight SequenceTM is the methodology behind the brands that her team creates. Goldstein and her team generate package designs and branding initiatives informed by client, consumer and competitive insights. Her firm has breathed new life into iconic brands such as: AquaNet, Bayer Aspirin, Allegra, Luden’s, Gulden’s, Panasonic Shavers, Balmex, 42N1 Skincare, Little Remedies, Cortizoneç10, Heinz, ACT Mouthwash, IcyHot, MoonPie, and One-A-Day. A frequent speaker at industry conferences, Goldstein contributes regularly to major advertising, branding, design, marketing, retailing, and executive publications. She is a faculty member of The In-Store Marketing Institute, a member of CHPA, and guest teaches at FIT.

Where were you born and where do you live now? How does that affect your design sensibility?
I was born in Sacramento CA and currently live in Port Washington NY. Growing up in California, even in a suburban landscape, it was very green and blue. When my career brought me to NYC, I loved the high-octane energy of the city but craved the color and stillness of nature. I live in a seaside community on Long Island that is environmentally aware and protective of our natural resources which suits the Californian in me. Not only does this inspire my design sensibility, I see firsthand the real-deal of how consumers live and shop where most of the brands we design are marketed.

Who would you say is the most influential graphic designer of the past 50 years? How have they influenced your design?
M.C. Escher. His artistic expression was created from images in his mind, rather than from direct observations and travels to other countries. I love how he tells a story through the use of pictures and how one person may interpret it completely differently from another.

What is your greatest strength and weakness as a designer or design manager?
My greatest strength is my creative background coupled with a strategic ability to inspire creativity in my design team and communicate a vision to them, so that our efforts are a true collaboration. My greatest weakness must be my distrust of our computer server, which holds all the digital design files! I miss the early days of my career when the work was crafted by hand with pencils and ink, and we could touch the fruits of our work stored in large flat file drawers. Today, all the beautiful work is stored on our tiny computer drive, even with off-site backup, this still makes me nervous!

Favorite Color?
Goldstein Green
Favorite Typeface?
Favorite App?
Favorite TV Show?
Boardwalk Empire
Favorite Book?
ZAG by Marty Neumeier
Favorite Musician or Band?
Josh Rouse
Favorite Fine Artist?
Marc Chagall
Favorite Gadget?
My Neti Pot
Bookmarked Websites?
Port Washington NY Patch, The Dieline,
LinkedIn, GDUSA, Pret A Manger, LIRR,
Talent You Wished You Possessed?
To sing - well!
Mantra or Saying You Live By?
Every Day is a Gift, that is why they call Today, The Present!