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pritsana kootint hadiatmodjo + chez bryan ong

pritsana kootint-hadiatmodjo
chez bryan ong


Chez Bryan Ong, Pritsana Kootint-Hadiatmodjo and Rika Koreeda became friends while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. Their careers crossed paths a few times after graduation before they formed spoon+fork in 2005 while hungry to start their own studio. Their combined backgrounds in advertising, branding and fashion resulted in a brand-focused design studio with an understanding of the importance and impact of a “thoughtfully designed brand.” Soon after forming the studio, they were joined by a talented young designer from UCLA – Jennifer Chou – who rounded out the creative team. Through the years, spoon+fork has created award-winning work for the likes of the New York International Latino Film Festival, IMAN Cosmetics, Sagatiba, UC Berkeley, Ashes and Snow, Tu-Lu’s Gluten-Free Bakery, Kaya Press, and the National Women’s Business Council. Most recently in 2012, spoon+fork won a GDUSA American Graphic Design Award for their work with the Lycée Français de New York and the University of Southern California Center for Japanese Religions and Culture. When not in the studio, they spend lots of time eating their way through the East Village.

Where were you born and where do you live now? How does that affect your design sensibility?
Chez: I am Chinese, born in the Philippines and raised in New Jersey. I live in Jersey City, and have always spent most of my waking moments in Manhattan. My parents owned an East Village toy store in the 80s where I worked as a child getting paid in toys. My design sensibility is rooted in what East 14th Street was like in the 80s reminding me that everyone has a story worth telling.
Pritsana: I’m Thai, born and raised in what used to be referred to as Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. I currently live in Alphabet City with my husband, one year old daughter and puggle Pepper. My design sensibility is greatly affected by the way people (and places) in NYC embrace and nurture their past and present. Although I’ve always seen the city as a melting pot of cultures, everyone has their own way of expressing themselves.

Who would you say is the most influential graphic designer of the past 50 years? How have they influenced your design?
Paula Scher. She embodies how greatness in graphic design could not exist without greatness in the handling of type.

Favorite Color?
Chez + Pritsana: Grey
Favorite Typeface?
Chez: Leitura Sans Pritsana: Proxima Nova
Favorite App?
Chez: Soup Dumplings Pritsana: Pork Larb
Favorite TV Show?
Chez: The Muppet Show, currently Modern Family Pritsana: The Cosby Show, Modern Family
Favorite Books?
Chez: Waylaid by Ed Lin
Pritsana: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein,
Ad Hoc at Home Cookbook by Thomas Keller
Favorite Movies?
Chez: Snatch, The Princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men In Tights Pritsana: The Artist, The Breakfast Club, The Godfather
Favorite Musician or Band?
Chez: The Cure, Bloc Party, Asobi Seksu
Pritsana: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder
Favorite Fine Artist?
Chez: Alive, Audrey Kawasaki; Dead, Pablo Picasso
Pritsana: Picasso, Keith Haring
Favorite Gadget?
Chez: Rice cooker Pritsana: iPad
Bookmarked Websites?
Chez: NBA.com, Facebook, Pinterest
Pritsana: Serious Eats, Pinterest
Talent You Wished You Possessed?
Chez: Play basketball like Michael Jordan
Pritsana: Swim!
Mantra or Saying You Live By?
Be water, my friend