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Pentagram Stages Fight Night

New York NY

For the September issue of The Atlantic, Pentagram staged a knock down drag out battle between presidential contenders Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Luke Hayman, along with Creative Director Regan Johnson and Photo Editor Ayana Quint, collaborated with lookalike photographer Alison Jackson to sponsor the bout at the world-famous Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn. The photos accompany “Slugfest,” a cover story by James Fallows. For the shoot Jackson and her team flew in from London and worked with a local crew to create a realistically gritty match, including a wardrobe stylist who outfitted each contender with the appropriate red or blue gloves, and a make-up artist who inflicted a swollen eye and some nasty bruising. In The Atlantic blog, Hayman talked about some of the doubts before forging on: “Can we afford it? What about the brand? Where’s the gravitas? This is The Atlantic. Of course we want to create buzz ‒ we’ve been doing that since 1857 ‒ but we don’t want to troll. Critics will say it's too sensationalist, provocative. Screw 'em. Let's do it.” To cover the options, two videos were shot for later use: one with a Romney victory and one with Obama on top.


Domino’s Delivers New Look

Redding CT

The new logo for 52-year-old Domino’s Pizza features a single domino tile. Designed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the look will appear in begin to appear in marketing materials starting this month. This is the first refresh in more than a decade, and part of an overhaul of stores and signage as well. In some cases, the logo will appear without the text that has long been part of it. In the U.S., when the text does still appear in the logo, it will be shortened to just the word “Domino’s.” According to company CMO Russell Weiner, the logo has been simplified “because we believe Domino’s has become an iconic global brand that is instantly recognizable ...We’d like to reach the point where we’re as recognized as the Nike Swoosh or the Golden Arches.”


Condensing Warhol’s Legacy

Minneapolis MN

Call it 15 minutes of soup. Campbell Soup Company is honoring the legacy of Andy Warhol. The company, forever linked to the artist by his “32 Campbell’s Soup Cans,” has issued 1.2 million limited-edition cans of condensed tomato soup to recognize the 50th year of his masterpiece. The specially designed cans pay tribute to his color palette, using orange, blue, pink and teal. Some of Warhol's famous quotes are printed on the Campbell's cans, too, including “Pop art is for everyone.” San Francisco’s Deutsch Design Works created a 50th anniversary logo and story panel for each can.


Infographic Logo Signals Change

McLean VA

USA TODAY is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a dramatic redesign on all platforms, as well as the introduction of a new logo. The logo itself is a live infographic that changes with the news, providing the opportunity for the newsroom to highlight certain stories. The overall newspaper redesign includes increased color, photos and infographics. The brand strategy and redesign is the work of Wolff Olins. “The decision to remake an iconic brand should not be taken lightly,” Gannett CMO Maryam Banikarim said at an employee presentation. “The re-imagination of the USA Today logo is a great signal to the marketplace. It’s a signal of all the changes that are happening here ‒ of our new digital products, our new re-designed paper and a re-imagination of our content across all platforms.” logos.


Sharapova’s Sweet Shot

Brooklyn NY

Red Antler, the Brooklyn NY branding firm, created an identity, packaging and website for Maria Sharapova’s new premium gummy candy line intended to, represent “the sweet, fashionable side of this tennis icon.” The new line of candies launched in late summer. Explains Creative Director Simon Endres: “Sugarpova brings a new level of sophistication and quality to the gummy candy market, without losing sight of the playful nature of the product. The brand needed to communicate this balance by being fashionable, fresh and fun, just like Maria. We designed a unique lip shape that can be altered to convey the many attitudes of the brand ‒ chic, cheeky, silly, sassy, flirty, quirky, spooky, and smitten ‒ corresponding with different shapes and flavors of the gummies themselves. We art-directed a photo shoot and designed the Sugarpova packaging and a Magento e-commerce site… all of which prove that gummies aren’t just for kids.”


Golden Gate Typeface Riveting

San Francisco CA

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy commissioned Studio Hinrichs to create a graphic identity to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge, which took place this year. As part of the project, Kit Hinrichs and his studio created Golden Gate Girder, a proprietary typeface. The bridge’s construction of rivets and girders, and its Art Deco styling, provided inspiration for the typeface. Indeed, the bold geometric typeface is punctuated with “rivets,” and the color version of Girder is in the structure’s familiar International Orange. The studio, by the way, also developed a seal, logo and identity program for the anniversary. Golden Gate Girder is available as a commemorative poster, in single alphabet key chains, and more.


Goodwill Graphics Find and Give

Orange County CA

Geyrhalter & Company has redesigned Orange County’s 20 Goodwill retail stores, built around the theme of “Find/Give,” conceptualized by Creative Director Fabian Geyrhalter. The new signage system, floor graphics and on-rack messaging system portray the theme and double as wayfinding tools to enhance the shopping experience. The strategy of “giving while finding” is supplemented by a rich and uplifting color scheme as well as internal and external messaging to shoppers and Goodwill participants alike. “To engage with an iconic organization like Goodwill in a rebranding effort was an amazing opportunity,” says Geyrhalter. “It was such a joyful undertaking as your work directly benefits the many people who depend on Goodwill’s life-changing placement programs.” Katherine Ransom, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, Goodwill of Orange County, reports that through the rest of the year, Goodwill of Orange County’s retail stores will be implementing additional new designs, courtesy of 14 eco-minded students of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.


eBay Logo Streamlined

New York NY

Lippincott has given eBay ‒ “the world’s largest online marketplace” ‒ a new logo. A new website and online experience is reportedly coming later this fall. The previous well-known logo was designed by CKS Partners when the company was a start-up and concerned with on-screen applications only; it featured bright colors and overlapping letters. The new logo, set in Univers Extended, is described by Lippincott Senior Partner Su Matthews as “sleeker” and she adds that “we leveraged the iconic color arrangement and approachable form to reflect eBay’s heritage and evolved it with a brighter blue and darker yellow and a streamlined arrangement to create more visual harmony.”


Post a Toast

London UK

Hornall Anderson UK was asked by Vaseline to create the brand experience for its newest Limited Edition Lip Therapy flavor, “Pink Bubbly,” sold exclusively for a week in Selfridges, the toney London department story on Oxford Street, before expanding out to the broader marketplace. Inspired by the decadence of French Champagne, the Hornall Anderson design team created this black and pink tin, showcased within an interactive in-store experience called “Post a Toast.” An effervescent bubble wall provided a focal point for the pop-up experience in Selfridges. In addition to previewing the product, consumers were invited to serve as brand ambassadors by snapping photos of themselves in a branded photo booth and to post their “toasts” on Facebook. In addition to designing the “Pink Bubbly” packaging and in-store experience, Hornall Anderson UK also created gift wrap, pre-order gift packs, and ads for Facebook and various upscale print magazines.