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Annual Color Forecast SPONSORED BY PANTONE

Pantone Resources


With color so critically tied these days to brand identity, inconsistent brand color can lead to a lack of consumer confidence and lost sales. PantoneLIVE™, a new, cloud-based color service, provides instant access to essential brand color standards and also ensures brand owners get color right ‒ the first time.

PantoneLIVE is available to brand owners, designers and suppliers from anywhere around the globe and ensures consistent global brand identity. Companies like Heinz, one of the world’s leading marketers and producers of healthy, convenient and affordable foods, and Chesapeake, a global producer of consumer packaging for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, have already utilized PantoneLIVE to get their brand color right. For more information go to www.pantone.com/live.

pantone_resources336 New Colors

Designers consistently demand more colors to differentiate their work and stand out in a crowded marketplace, which is why Pantone decided to add 336 New Colors to its PANTONE® PLUS SERIES ‒ bringing the total to 1,677 colors!

Introduced in 2010, the PANTONE PLUS SERIES is the next generation of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, the defacto standard for color communication in the graphic arts market. The 336 New Colors include a wider variety of values, saturation and undertones ‒ from subtle pastels and reliable mid-tones to the intensity of deep tones, vivid brights and vital, nuanced neutrals ‒ and will become permanent standards in the PLUS SERIES Color Library. For more information go to www.pantone.com/plus.


Whether you’re a seasoned design professional or a student starting down the path of design discovery, Pantone has something for everyone with two guides that extend the popular PANTONE® PLUS SERIES.

The PANTONE PLUS SERIES DESIGNER FIELD GUIDE is a multi-function version of the PANTONE PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDE that includes wider color swatches and tear-out chips of all 1,677 PANTONE Solid Colors ‒ combining portability with versatility.

The PANTONE PLUS SERIES STARTER GUIDE is a sampler of select colors from each of the PANTONE PLUS SERIES Color Libraries, designed to introduce students or anyone new to design to the creative flexibility and ease of using the PANTONE Color System.