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People to Watch in 2012 BACK FORWARD

steve cullen


Creature is a strategy, design and advertising firm specializing in, well, not specializing. We provide ideas for just about every kind of communications problem out there, and use whatever mediums are best to bring them to life — digital, film, experiential, print, whatever—so you can guess integration is our bread and butter. It’s unlike working anywhere else. It’s a super-charged, very odd, hyper-collaborative mix of thinkers and makers, all granted entrepreneurial license to go out and make the biggest impact they can for our clients. We are whatever Creature the problem requires, and believe it or not, it’s sorta tough not having any rules. We work on anything, and the more weird or messy or obscure the problem, the more we seem to relish it. In fact, I sorta take a sick pride in finding a better, tougher problem than the ones our clients bring me. Because what I’m passionate about is radical change. If you want version 7.3 of what you’ve always done, don’t call. If you’re ready to drop a fluorescent hand grenade into your category, stop on by. It's a little nuts and a lot of fun.

Where were you born or grew up, where do you live, does this effect your design style or sensibility?
I am from Boston. It has definitely made me pretty direct. I think you should hit problems of any nature head-on. So it affects my working style for sure. It also makes me the guy you ask to say “car” (“cah”) at parties.

If you were not a designer, what would you be doing for a living?
I’d be coaching a sports team. Probably cycling. Damn, I love racing bikes. A college team would be great. If not that, than a war journalist. If not that, a history professor — naval history is badass.

What is your greatest strength and weakness as a designer or design manager?
It’s incredibly hard to balance leading and making. Focus on others and your work blows. Focus on your work and teams wobble. The other is unlocking people’s talents. Reading people takes time. Oh, and I also suck at Karaoke, hacky sack, and, thankfully, the sax.

Favorite Color?
Favorite Typeface?
Lately, Proxima
Favorite App?
I do not have a smartphone.
Favorite TV Shows?
Walking Dead, No Reservations
Favorite Books?
Any epic journey, read Sea of Glory though, amazing
Favorite Movie?
Whenever shit blows up
Favorite Music?
Indie rock/hip hop
Favorite Fine Artist?
Hemingway, and does Ira Glass count?
Favorite Gadget?
Garmin GPS
Bookmarked Websites?
QBN, 99%, McSweeney’s, Designspiration, Slate, Universal Sports
Things You Can’t Live Without?
Gastronomy, my girlfriend, and a race bike
Talent You Wished You Possessed?
Best Gift You Ever Received?
Mantra Or Saying You Live By?
“Know thyself, believe in thyself, deny thyself, and be humble.” – John Treacy