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Seen and Noted


All Paths Lead To The Kitchen

Minneapolis-based Zeus Jones has brought a Midwest sensibility the new Mandarin Coriander fragrance line from Thymes. Brad Surcey, head of creative/design at Zeus Jones, explains: “Thymes is a company rooted in the Midwest — it’s a part of their heritage. That’s why we decided to look to the textures and images of our region when designing the Mandarin Coriander fragrance line. Our goal was to match the fresh, clean feeling of spring with the nostalgia of a warm afternoon in the kitchen.” This led Surcey and team down the creative path that includes an eclectic mix of custom ceramic pieces, tea towels and aprons. For the color palette: bright colors that reflect a lively citrusy nature. For the type: an original unicase font with soft curves, developed from scratch.


Hearing Voices

What’s on the minds of leading designers? What matters most to them right now? And how do they interpret today’s culture? Anna N. Carnick’s Design Voices offers a snapshot of the modern design world via an electic series of conversations with design legends and rising stars, including the likes of Milton Glaser, Massimo Vignelli and Stefan Sagmeister. Carnick’s interviews provide a timely, and often revealing, glimpse into the minds of individuals whose work and sensibilities make the world a far more interesting, beautiful, and often, hopeful place. Design Voices is available through Amazon.com’s Kindle store. The interviews were edited by Jeremy Lehrer.
Available on www.amazon.com


The Sweet Smell of Success

Branding and packaging for güd, a new brand of personal care products from Burt’s Bees, eschews the standard “earthy” approach to natural products with a more playful, flowery and colorful look targeting 18-29 year-old millennial women. The agency is Baldwin& of Raleigh NC and their initial advertising launch is a 90-second scratch-n-sniff-along animation on Facebook. The paired-media execution follows a good (güd) smelling woman heading to work. At key moments, viewers are prompted to inhale various smells from Scratch-n-Sniff cards that are available online, as run-of-book magazine inserts, direct mail, and from guerilla street teams. Packaging QR codes link to a mobile-adapted aromavision site. Credits at Baldwin& go to Creative Directors Dave Baldwin and Bob Ranew, Art Director Shaun Sundholm, and Copywriter Lisa Shimotakahara. Animation is by Buck, Los Angeles.


QR Code Adds Interactivity To Stationery

The Lavidge Company’s Senior Art Director Melissa McFarlin recently redesigned business cards, stationery and envelopes for the 80-person advertising, public relations and interactive agency. McFarlin explains that, after the Lavidge website was redesigned to be bolder and brighter, it became clear that the stationery needed to step up to a similar bright new look and feel, too, even while integrating the current logo. As part of the print update, QR codes appear in many of the pieces as a quick way to send people to the new website and to underscore the interactive capacity of the agency. Lavidge, by the way, is home to AAF of Metro Phoenix’s 2011 Creative Director of the Year Bob Case.