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Seen and Noted


Visualizing The Acquisition of Language

Design and production company Superfad created graphic elements for the compelling documentary Project Nim released in theaters this past summer. It's the story of one chimpanzee's journey through human society. Superfad's design speaks to the role that Nim's acquisition of language plays. It features bold, simple large scale typography juxtaposed over footage for words Nim learned to sign; simple repetitive animation to speak to his progress; and subtitles for silent signed exchanges with humans. Says Creative Director Kinda Akash: "Reams of data had been accumulated during the length of the actual Project Nim, including charts illustrating Nim's progress and eventual plateau in learning words. The vernacular of these were the basis for the animated charts in the film; but a simple piece of white type on black from a Godard film served as the springboard for our design inspiration."
Contact: www.superfad.com


Rejuvenating Drink Gets Packaging Lift

Purdey's, one of the original rejuvenating drinks - introduced in 1992 and featuring a combination of B vitamins - gets a lift with contemporary packaging by Blue Marlin brand designers. The new design is intended to connote a premium positioning, and tells the brand story and its ethos through both illustration and back and front of pack copy. Blue Marlin has executed other projects for client Britvic, including the recent launches of SoBe Pure Rush and SoBe V Water.
Contact: www.bluemarlinbd.com


TEDGlobal Collateral Integrates Print and Technology

For participants at this summer's TEDGlobal Conference, the organization supported "The Stuff of Life" theme with an approach that integrated technology with traditional print techniques. Created by Hybrid Design, San Francisco, two companion pieces were developed for attendees: first, a keepsake printed program with two-level sculpted emboss for enhanced hand feel and a place to make notes, mark pages and keep a journal; and, second, an accompanying iPad app supporting the same graphic look, while providing additional depth and interactivity to the program. Explains Dora Drimalas, who along with Bryan Flynn forms the core of Hybrid Design: "The production value of the printed guide was high and we felt it was on par with the quality of the conference. While creating it, we kept the app in mind. We knew what the page count limitations were with the printed guide and each time an idea for a deeper experience came up, we added it to the list for the app."
Contact: www.hybrid-design.com


Maid In Hollywood

A new campaign by Wing pokes fun at Hollywood clichés for the 2011 New York International Latino Film Festival. A print, outdoor and tv campaign emphasizes the depiction and shortage of Latinos in mainstream movies, asking questions like: what happens in movies when a Latina housekeeper meets an attractive businessman, what roles are Latino's cast in, and what are the names of gardeners in the movies? (José, Ramon and Juan, of course.) The aim: to reach a broader audience with a commentary on the simplistic nature of Hollywood films, rather than an overtly Hispanic approach. Wing also created agency promotional material, for in-cinema and print, encouraging people to let their Latino out; for example, a decidedly un-latin looking man growing a thickmustache and liking it, emphasizing the Latin influence on the generalmarket.Wing's Chief Creative Officer is Gustavo Asman. Art Directors on the project are Alvaro Naddeo, Jaime Tao and Xiang Mengwen with Copywriters Ruben Salavert and Xoch Serrano.
Contact: www.insidewing.com