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Sagmeister Identity Energizes Wind Brand


Stefan Sagmeister created the new brand identity for EDP Renováveis, one of the world's largest and fastest-growing wind energy companies. At Sagmeister Inc. credits go to Creative Director Sagmeister and Senior Art Director Jessica Walsh, along with illustrations by Walsh, Stephane Elbaz, Xavi Garcia and Michael Freimuth. Brand New School then collaborated to develop an animated storyline for commercials running throughout the home country of Portugal and the rest of Europe. Says BNS art director Christopher Palazzo, "Bringing life-like behavior to the deceptively simple geometric system created by Sagmeister Inc. was a fun challenge." Creative Director at BNS Jonathan Notaro described Sagmeister as "a design god."
Contact: www.brandnewschool.com


Ferroconcrete. Very Funny


Ferroconcrete and principal Yolanda Santosa recently rebranded TBS. The project included design and execution of a full on-air graphics package. To integrate the TBS logo, it becomes a threedimensional character with an arsenal of comedic expressions-bowing, waving, jumping, dancing, even mimicking on-screen characters. Information graphics are concisely communicated using a typography bar system with vibrant single-color backgrounds. The TBS tagline - "very funny" - is merged into one word, in the hopes of reinforcing the network's status as a destination for comedy programming.
Contact: www.ferro-concrete.com


Millman Ponders Brand Thinking


"Brand" is a challenge to define in our hyper-consumer economy: marketing differentiator, manipulative sales tool, creative triumph, all of the above. Debbie Millman tackles the issue, or rather elevates the discussion, with Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits, a new book from Allworth Press. Millman interviews and discusses what "brand" means in 2011 with a plethora of thought leaders including: Malcolm Gladwell on the overuse of the word itself, Brian Collins on how he revitalized the Dove brand by attacking stereotypes, Wally Olins on whether market research perpetuates mediocrity, and Stanley Hainsworth on how Starbucks got us to pay $4 for a cup of coffee. October is the on-sale date.
Contact: www.allworth.com


Bud Sports Bowtie


Budweiser, the iconic beer brand and one that represents nearly half the market share in the U.S., has popped open a new design of its can and secondary packaging. The new look is Budweiser's 12th since Anheuser-Busch began offering its flagship brand in cans in 1936, and the focal point of the design is Budweiser's bowtie, lots more red shading and less blue, all complemented by the product's creed and Anheuser-Busch medallion. Graphics were developed by London-based JKR Design, rather than an American agency of the "all-American" beer, perhaps underscoring the company's emphasis on global growth. "This new visual identity is one of many steps in our quest to reinforce Budweiser's role as a true global beer brand. Together with our unifying global creative idea, the new global packaging look and feel will reinforce Budweiser's bond with consumers around the world," said Frank Abenante, vice president, Brands, AB InBev.
Contact: www.anheuser-busch.com/s/


Grey Shines Red Lobster Image


A shiny new logo, identity program and extensive advertising campaign for Red Lobster have been created by Grey New York. The new ads feature actual employees and others associated with the brand sharing real, unscripted stories about why Red Lobster is different than other restaurants in an effort to give the chain a greater sense of authenticity. The ads also debut the logo, an updated lobster icon that is noticeably more red and shiny than past versions. It is already clawing its way onto restaurant signs- 700 locations are being remodelled in a design "inspired by the New England coast" - as well as menus, gift cards, a redesigned Facebook page and website. "At Red Lobster, we have made some exciting changes but have yet to communicate everything that's new and different to our guests," explains Salli Setta, the company's Executive Vice President of Marketing. "Who better to tell this story than our own people..." Adds Tor Myrhen, Grey New York President and Chief Creative Officer: "We want people to see how far they've actually come."
Contact: www.redlobster.com


Walker Art Center Exhibit Notes
Designers' Expanded Role


It may surprise some people, but "graphic design" has emerged as the largest of the design professions in the United States, with more than a quarter-million practitioners. At the same time, designers are becoming producers, authors, publishers, instigators and entrepreneurs and this once-specialized discipline is becoming a widely-deployed communications tool. This fall, the Walker Art Center plans a major new exhibition recognizing the graphic designers' ever-broadening role into other media fields, as they employ their creative skills to create content and shape experiences. Featuring work produced since 2000, the exhibit will explore the world of designdriven magazines, newspapers, books and posters; the entrepreneurial spirit of designer-produced goods; the renaissance in digital typeface design; the storytelling potential of film and television titling sequences; and the transformation of raw data into compelling information narratives. The exhibition, co-organized with the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, will run October 22 - January 22.
Contact: calendar.walkerart.org

Toyota Tops Green Brands

Toyota, 3M, Siemens, Johnson + Johnson and HP lead Interbrand's new global report, "Best Global Green Brands." In its first global report to focus exclusively on "green", Interbrand combined public perception of environmental sustainability with a demonstration of that performance based on publicly available data. Several other American brands, such as Dell, Cisco, Xerox, GE and Coke made the Top 50 list. The findings show that the strongest green brands consistently differentiate themselves and engage in green activities that consumers find relevant, as well as implement profitable green practices - from executing environmental programs to measuring and reporting their performance to the public. "As corporate citizenship increasingly becomes the norm, green initiatives may be among the most visible and easiest to claim and yet, can be the most challenging to deliver performance against," said Jez Frampton, Global CEO at Interbrand. "The strongest green brands lie at the intersection of performance and perception: their ability to build stronger connections with consumers as a result of actionable and credible environmental practices."
Contact: www.interbrand.com

ROI Advantage is Clear


As the direct mail market continues to grow and return on investment is increasingly crucial to marketers, Univenture, and its EnvyPak™ brand, is offering an extensive line of clear envelopes and mailers. This includes show-through envelopes for all kinds of content - letters, brochures, catalogs, books, postcards and photos. They are available in all standard sizes with peel and stick adhesive closures and perforations for convenient opening, and are 100%USPS approved to be mailed as a flat parcel or package. Because the company manufactures and prints all its crystal clear envelopes at the same facility, it has the flexibility of creating custom size envelopes. Full-color flexographic printing in up to seven colors is available to private label the direct mail pieces or otherwise create a mailing that is unique and easily remembered.
Contact: www.univenture.com or sales@univenture.com