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Seen and Noted


Dueling Diptychs

Parisian Graphic Designer Vahram Muratyan presents the dueling iconography of two great cities — Paris and New York — in a series of diptychs. The series of posters are a good-humored and thought-provoking comparison of the cultural centers, with none of the rancor of the “freedom fries” era. Among the images: Jean-Luc Godard’s square eyeglasses beside Woody Allen’s arched pair (le réalisateur), croque-monsieur versus hot dog (le snack), cheese verus cheesecake (le fromage), CDG versus JFK (l’aeroport), et ainsi de suite, etc. So clever is the work that it has spawned a blog, an exhibit and the sale of limited edition prints at the renowned concept store Chez Colette in Paris. A picture book by Penguin is coming to the States this Spring. Muratyan is the co-founder of ViiiZ, an art direction and graphic design studio.
Contact: parisvsnyc.blogspot.com or www.viiiz.fr


Freedom of (Ketchup) Choice

After 42 years of dealing with messy ketchup packets, 4sight, a New York-based design and innovation firm, has teamed up with Heinz to produce a user-friendly product for consumers. The new single-serve Heinz Ketchup packets allow customers to both “dip” and “squeeze” depending on their preference. The packet design is shaped like a Heinz bottle and boasts the traditional keystone imagery and visual cues — the signature red color of the product, the tomato vine and the logo. “The option to dip or squeeze in the single-serve packets results in greater portion control, which was another one of our goals with this project, in addition to crafting a non-complicated product that would appeal to consumers,” said Stuart Leslie, president of the design firm. 4sight collaborated with Heinz operations, R&D and marketing teams.
Contact: www.4sightinc.com


Holistic Honeycomb

Julia Beardwood of Beardwood&Co. developed this multi-hued honeycomb symbol for Millennium Promise, an international non-profit committed to reducing extreme poverty in Africa. She says that “nature’s strongest structure” represents the holistic approach that differentiates Millennium Promise from other anti-poverty groups. The mission involved a multi-pronged attack on a range of issues: food, water, health, infrastructure, gender equality and income poverty — indeed, all the UN Millenium Development Goals — for maximum impact. Beardwood also designed program area icons, print materials, stationery and signage. The website was designed by Free Association, and Undercurrent provided digital strategy on the project.
Contact: www.beardwood.com