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A Culture of Green


Rachel Martin Design


Rachel Martin Design is a sustainable and socially responsible collaborative design studio producing creative solutions to help businesses and non-profits build unique brand messages with positive social and environmental impact. The studio’s commitment is evident in its attention to detail for innovative and meaningful communication materials. The firm considers the full life cycle of a project and develops inventive approaches by specifying fewer materials, using recycled and non-toxic elements and works with local vendors whenever possible. The studio’s environmentally-friendly expertise, deep commitment to sustain and its intuitive design all drive it to create effective and encompassing elements that inspire positive change to shape our world and culture for the greater good.

“We believe in doing good design and partnering with good people who want to make a difference. Sustainable design is the core of our studio, and a reflection of who we are and how we live our lives. We don’t think of it as a marketing angle but as an opportunity to engage clients in discussion about sustainability and work together with them to find ways to make positive change within their business.”

Rachel Martin Design was hired by Sustain Charlotte, a local non-profit, to design the “Charlotte 2030: A Sustainable Vision For Our Region” brochure. This was a milestone for the region and the result of a collaboration of more than 100 sustainability experts and stakeholders from broad disciplines. The brochure features a colorful key to depict its ten aspects of urban sustainability: Air, Buildings and Homes, Economy, Energy, Food, Parks and Green Space, Waste, Social Equity, Transportation and Water. The 16-page piece was designed sustainably by using the full press sheet to eliminate waste, printed on FSC-certified process chlorine-free paper made from 100% postconsumer recycled fiber and manufactured entirely with Green-e certified wind-generated electricity. The brochure also had a saddle-stitch binding so it would be completely recyclable and recipients were encouraged to return it or share it with a friend. Upon completion, the piece was unveiled at a public launch event with the Mayor, County Commissioner, numerous city officials and community leaders and was adopted by the city and county to use as a framework in making decisions for building a sustainable region.

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