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A Culture of Green


Citizen Studio


Citizen Studio was founded in 2004 on the philosophy that sustainability is integral to good design. The husband-and-wife team of Linda and Chris Doherty produce identity and communications for clients who understand the importance of sustainability. Whether finding the best mix of media to tell a client’s story, thinking ahead to eliminate waste or making the most of a non-profit or start-up budget, sustainability is always part of the design process. Citizen Studio has been recognized locally and nationally for green design solutions, sustainable influence and general design excellence. Clients include EARTH University Foundation, Green Chamber of the South, Trust for Public Land Georgia, and Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University. The Dohertys run the business with the triple bottom line in mind. Every decision — from furnishing the office with sustainable furniture to choosing to work with local talent and printers — considers the entire footprint, whether it is visible or not in the final product.

“Promoting our sustainable design solutions does a great deal for our business. It not only attracts like-minded clients — it also makes our work more rewarding. Those passionate about sustainability tend to have optimistic, collaborative attitudes. Conversations go deeper; strategy and ideas reign so we rarely get stuck in the aesthetics, although they have to be on target too. While we specifically target, green companies and organizations, we also enjoy working with companies that come to us just because they like our portfolio. They end up learning about, and usually embracing, our goal of smarter, more sustainable communications. Clients come to us because they want great design or for the sustainable focus. To us, they’re one and the same.”

When it comes to sustainability, efficiency is key. While this might mean a focus on the concept and production method used for print projects, it can also speak to strengthening an organization and improving the online experience. Citizen Studio recently updated the design for Sustainable Life Media’s website. This organization is the leader in helping companies become profitable and sustainable through their annual Sustainable Brands conference and their online and live event learning community. The site has become a repository for thousands of pages of news, video, research and training. Building on their existing brand elements, the design team increased the organization’s visibility and organized the content in a way that makes it easy for users to navigate and for the staff to manage. Making Sustainable Life Media’s identity stand out and helping to get their content to users is about as eco-friendly as it gets.

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