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Seen and Noted


Not Your Granny's Granola Packaging

Granola doesn't have to come in a box as crunchy as its contents. This is demonstrated by San Francisco-based Chen Design Associates, which created brand development and design for Twofish Baking Company's line of granolas. Modular packaging features a flavor-specific insert that customizes the box while graphics serve as a visual essay of the bakery's vibe -rollicking, quirky, welcoming. To underscore the natural and eco-friendly message, the box is printed on 100% postconsumer, FSC and Green-Seal certified premium uncoated paperboard.
Contact: www.chendesign.com


Lego Game Spots Build To Laugh

Tongue-in-cheek spots for the latest Lego Star Wars III video game creation from Lucas Arts manages to capture the little Lego character's emotional charge, and each ends with a humorous gag. The spots, designed by creative production company The Core and directed by Chris Hoffman, are marked by vivid colors and strong special effects. Goodness Mfg is the ad agency.
Contact: www.thecore.la


Seeing The Forests For the Trees

Timed with recent Earth Day celebrations around the globe, Canada Post issued a special collectors' edition stamp to mark the UN's International Year of Forests. Designed by Vancouver's Subplot Design, the stamp signifies the complexity of Canada's for-ests and ecosystems. According to Danielle Trottier, Stamp Design Manager for the issue, the design solution manages to provide an intellectual reminder of the importance of forests and, simultaneously, serves as "a moving and dramatic vision of the natural wonder of the Canadian forest." The main image was created by Anthony Redpath Photography, combining more than 30 photos take on location. Once the main image was in place, the layers of the forest are depicted simply, with minimal writing and animal silhouettes. As an added treat, three nocturnal animals are printed in an ink visible under black light, to give collectors a special image that only they would find.
Contact: www.subplot.com


Dishing It Up for Primetime

Jenn David Connolly of Jenn David Design in San Diego cooked up a comprehensive identity for the Clean Street Food truck. The logo features an illustration of gourmet chef Jack Harding, the red and yellow colors signify quick-serve food, the cityscape says urban, and all the other graphic elements such as utensils, put an entirely gourmet spin on it. The truck was featured in CBS primetime during a recent episode of CSI: NY. "It was selected because of its bright color," explains Connolly, "which showed well in the night scene."
Contact: www.jenndavid.com