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Concrete Takes BITE Of Big Apple

Toronto ON

BITE Beauty made its debut recently at Sephora's New York Times Square location, bringing lipsticks in sleek packaging and with a dose of red-wine antioxidants in each swipe. The brand-ing effort, a collaboration between Susanne Lang Frag-rance and Toronto design firm Concrete Design Communications, seeks to project both modernity and elegance, says Concrete co-partner Diti Katona. Concrete's contribution includes brand positioning, logo design, primary and secondary packaging, instore display and brand imagery. Contrary to competitive brands that emphasize the "natural" aspects of their product, Concrete says that performance, color and fashion are stronger drivers for this market; thus a focus on strong colors and wearability were emphasized. Not that BITE products ignore the wellness issue: they are made from organic shea and fruit butters and all the colorants are food grade and made from natural ingredients. It's also the first lipstick line to contain Red Wine Resveratrol, with each BITE lipstick delivering the antioxidant equivalent of five glasses of red wine.
Contact: www.concrete.ca


Homo Sapien Manifesto

new York NY

Y&R New York created a new video spot for Bacardi, using fun visuals to guide viewers through an examination of what separates Homo Sapiens and their Neanderthal ancestors. The film, called Manifesto, urges current day Homo Sapiens to "fight the LOLs and OMGs," get back to our Homo Sapien roots and bring people together, presumably with a Bacardi beverage in hand. Guillermo Vega and Kevin Brady were global creative directors, with Devon Hong as art director and Lora Schulson and Nathy Aviram as Directors of Content Production. Nexus Productions worked with Y&R NY, led by Director Johnny Kelly and Executive Producers Tracey Cooper and Julia Parfitt. To see the video, click here.
Contact: www.yr.com


Mosaic Is The New Red, White & Blue

new York NY

Youth Service America, an organization founded in 1986 to encourage America's youth to contribute to society and now active in 100 countries, needed a new global look to replace its longstanding red, white and blue color scheme. Alexander Isley, the Redding CT design firm, stepped up to freshen the organization's identity and communication materials, including the widely-used YSA acronym. The cornerstone of the new identity is the "global mosaic" lettering, developed to be an engaging representation of what YSA is and does. "It's a simple, bold, playful and flexible approach that allows for a lot of latitude in its application," says Alexander Isley Inc. The design firm adds, the "global mosaic" lettering is based on the idea of connections, and reflects how YSA enables the connection of kids with opportunities and sponsorship. Contact: www.alexanderisley.com


Keeping It Simple

Seattle WA

In an effort to get more people to start playing the Washington lottery, creative firm Cole & Weber created an engaging "how to" campaign called "Find Your Way to Play." Through television, print and interactive, Find Your Way to Play aims to break down game knowledge barriers and encourage more people to play. The spots, titled Tarp and Trampoline, dramatize the wild ways in which people can enter the lottery, proving there's no wrong way to pick your numbers. With slogans like "So simple a third grader can do it" and "Math is only required AFTER you win", the print ads, too, are geared to making it all seem light and easy. Credits for the campaign include Executive Creative Director John Maxham, Associate Creative Director Todd Derkson, Senior Copywriter Jesse Dillow and Illustrator/Designer Sasha Barr.
Contact: www.learntolottery.com and www.coleweber.com

one day for design

new York NY

AIGA, the world's largest design advocacy organization, recently brought designers and design enthusiasts together for One Day for Design -a 24-hour, online "chat" to discuss the meaning and future of design and of the professional associations in the field. Led by eight moderators, the global discussion held April 13 generated more than 30,000 tweets from some 3,900 Twitterers and with more than 650 hashtags tweeted. At one point, it ranked as the fourth trending hashtag on Twitter in the United States. Visitors to the site posted more than 300 entries on the AIGA blog. But to what end? AIGA says it plans to use the group input to explore ways to better serve the needs of the design community. To watch the evolution unfold, visit aiga.org or see www.onedayfordesign.org.
Contact: www.aiga.org or follow AIGA on Twitter @AIGAdesign