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Annual Color Forecast SPONSORED BY PANTONE

Color Bits

Excerpts from various 2011 Color Forecasts

Color Marketing Group The Honey Moon Begins

Honey Moon is Color Marketing Group's "Next Color" for the coming year. Determined by CMG's color professionals, this mustard gold is the grounded hue of optimism. Frivolous is out. Upbeat and realistic is in. Inspirations come from hardworking honeybees, a move away from glitzier golds, toward a remembrance of things past. Honey Moon is patinated and reminiscent of warm, worn leather. Honey Moon offers a fresh face on yellow and blends the sensual stimulations of color and taste. Take the sweet earthiness of honey and combine it with the romance of a harvest moon to uncover this blended yellow. Although Honey Moon will be predominant, it will be seen playing out in combination with the colors of fantasy brights, whites, and comforting, subdued hues. From interior home to exterior accents, from tabletop to fashion flourishes, Honey Moon has just begun.
Contact: www.colormarketing.org

DayGlo Magenta Is "It"

The color to watch for in 2011 is Magenta. That, according to DayGlo Color's Brand Action Team, which uses its experience in dyes, pigments and inks to companies gain recognition and traction for their products and build strong, lasting brand identities through color. Magenta is the next "it" color. DayGlo's Magenta shades are some of their best selling, and the popularity only seems to grow. From cosmetics - where Magentas offer exceptional iridescence - to print media - where they stand out against almost any other shade, DayGlo says that Magenta is the one to watch. One additional trend worth noting: Fluorescents in the food aisle. DayGlo says to expect both vibrant and subtle colors in food packaging.
Contact: www.dayglo.com/world_of_color/brand_action_team

Sherwin Williams Four Palettes

Sherwin-Williams celebrates individualism - a trend toward not being trendy at all - through its thoughtfully-selected Colormix 2011 collection. "We've seen reactions to the economy move from panic to acceptance, if not appreciation, because people are finding they have the opportunity to be true to themselves," says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. The 39 colors selected by Sherwin-Williams color experts are grouped into four palettes: Purely Refined (understated neutrals with nuances and undertones that interact in intriguing ways); Restless Nomad (thanks to the internet, everyone now has a passport to wander the world and colors, too, wander all over the palette from dusky darks, to hot vibrant pinks and reds, to earthy food-influenced hues); Bold Invention (high-energy hues vibrate with spontaneity and rebellion, including neon bright, graffiti bold and digitally enhanced to 3D luminosity); and Gentle Medley (turning a romantic, nostalgic corner, bringing pastels and parchment-pale neutrals back into the palette.)
Contact: www.sherwin-williams.com

LogoLounge Designers Discover Brown

Principal Bill Gardner states: "This year, with full apologies to UPS, designers discovered what brown could do for them. This was an abrupt and more universal movement, which warrants its appearance in the trend section. It's as if the volume knob had been pegged on black for maximum contrast for the last two decades, and we suddenly discovered it could be turned down and consumers could still hear us. This movement is about subtleties and is indicative of a new generation. Tone ranges from sepias, to chocolates, and even warmer. Saturation levels of secondary colors have dropped back as well."

Landor Associates Fire and Passion

Jack Bredenfoerder, Design Director: "What can we expect to see in 2011? The color design story for 2011 is an inspiring tale of fire and passion. The world is in a period of accelerated change - a fire building across our globe as we move in a new direction with renewed energy. Fiery red passion is surfacing as the main concept that will fuel the colors and design ideas of 2011... Fire-inspired reds, oranges, and ambers are the fireworks of 2011. These hot divas will burst forth with the power, energy, and passion necessary to bring fresh excitement..."
Contact: www.landor.com