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Tiffany Shines in New Setting

new york ny

The coveted AIGA Corporate Leadership Award goes to renowned jeweler Tiffany & Co. and home-care innovator Method. They join the likes of Apple, Target, Nike, Jet Blue, Patagonia, Harley Davidson, Adobe, IBM and others over the decades. Both companies are said to incorporate design throughout their businesses, not just for advertising or packaging. AIGA selected Tiffany & Co. for utilizing design in a distinctive manner; the “Tiffany Blue” box is synonymous with quality and is representative of classic brand building through design. The brand has remained vital and relevant for so long by making surprising choices, such as working with collaborators from various creative disciplines – Jean Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso and Frank Gehry, to name a few. Method is being honored for applying design from within to change the way consumers perceive environmentally friendly cleaning products. Case in point: the company’s revolutionary laundry detergent, where a focus on design at every stage helped create a smaller package, more efficient formula and pump cap to prevent “overdosing” when people overestimate the amount of detergent needed. AIGA will present the Awards this April in New York City as part of its annual gala.
Contact: www.aiga.org/corporate-leadership-award


Animated Auras Collide

new york ny

This spec spot by nailgun for Converse opens on a young, hip downtown New Yorker getting ready to venture out for the day, with her Converse unlocking an enchanting world of color and whimsy. It follows her throughout her playful day, and ends on the waterfront where sheet meets her Converse-wearing boyfriend in a collision of animated auras. Michael Waldron, nailgun Co-Founder and Creative Director, says the characters “are inspired by Japanese animation styles and each have their own subtle personality.” Erik van der Wilden served as Director of Production and Doe Hyuk Park was Senior Designer/Animator.
Contact: www.nailgun.tv


Poulin + Morris Leads Way Downtown

new york ny

Poulin + Morris was asked to design a temporary public street-scape plan for several construction sites in Lower Manhattan. The brainchild of Downtown Alliance of New York, the environmental graphics and a well-designed wayfinding sign system aim to both mask and beautify the construction zones and make it easier for pedestrians to navigate the neighborhoods. An essential part of the program is the introduction of large-scale “You Are Here” maps of Lower Manhattan that include points to major destinations such as stores, landmarks, restaurants, tourist attractions and subways. The temporary graphics needed to be flexible in order to accommodate an ever-changing urban landscape. To that end, a modular system was created to cover a variety of applications and site conditions, such as construction barriers, building facades, retail storefronts, scaffolding and free-standing elements. Credits to Design Directors Brian Brindisi and Douglas Morris, Designer Andy Schoonmaker, and Photographer Deborah Kushma.
Contact: www.poulinmorris.com


Y&R Talks Tough For Land Rover

london UK

Tough and indestructible. That’s the message coming across loud and clear in a whimsical new ad campaign created by Y&R Lima, RKCR/Y&R London for the new Land Rover S1 Phones. The campaign launched in the UK and includes three posters/print ads that depict the phone in different strength-test scenarios with the print titles Safari, Construction and Rescue. Graham Lang was Global Creative Director on the campaign, with Regional Executive Creative Director Guillermo Vega, Executive Creative Director Flavio Pantigoso, Head of Art Christian Sánchez, Copywriter Daniel de León and Art Directors Christian Sánchez and Mirko Cuculiza.
Contact: www.yr.com


Condoms for the Cause Conscious

boulder co

TDA Advertising & Design sought a mix of “hip” and “regal” design for the packaging and a website for Sir Richard’s Condom Co. Sir Richard’s is a for-profit business with philanthropic goals founded last year by TDA and equity partners. The creative team, led by Creative Director Thomas Dooley, Creative Director/ Copywriter Jonathan Schoenberg and Designer Austin O’Connor, wanted to create a hip package aimed at style-conscious, cost-conscious and cause conscious consumers. An outdoor and point-of-sale campaign reminds consumers of the costs of childraising, diapers to college, stroller to minivan. Stickers on the condom packages show the savings each box represents compared to some child necessity. And for every condom bought in the US, another will be donated in a developing nation, beginning with Haiti.
Contact: www.tdaad.com


Zadina Dates Get High Marque

london uk

Pearlfisher has created the identity and packaging design for Zadina, a new and innovative Emirati store concept masterminded by Al Goah, the largest global producer of dates. Zadina’s products, which of course include the highest quality Emirati dates and a range of innovative date-based products, are aimed at local date connoisseurs and international gourmets. The brief was to create a powerful new brand that redefines and reinterprets the rich but old Arabian art and culture in a fresh, contemporary way. Pearlfisher’s team, led by London-based Creative Director Natalie Chung, Creative Partner Jonathan Ford and Designer Fiona John, looked to opulent Arabic script that echoes the provenance of the brand; the typography uses a rich gold calligraphy with fluid lines. The actual marque, while abstract in appearance, contains the Arabic word for “dates”. “We wanted Zadina to embody the true essence of dates to celebrate Arabian lifestyle,” says Pearlfisher’s Chung. “Through the use of the marque we can establish and create an own-able language and iconography for the brand moving into the future.” The identity has been translated across packaging for a range of Zadina products from jams and pastries to icecreams.
Contact: www.pearlfisher.com


Creature Comfort for Coffee Drinkers

Seattle WA

Seattle WA-based Creature has created the first integrated, multi-channel ad campaign for Seattle’s Best Coffee. The first phase of the campaign is billed “Anywhere Great Coffee is Needed” and includes online-video and tv ads, billboards, wild postings and digital elements, and demonstrates the company’s strategy of bringing great coffee everywhere. Three 30-second spots use humor and depict consumers in unexpected situations that are metaphors for the many places where coffee is needed. Outdoor ads use a 10-foot-high sculpture built from brightly colored coffee mugs that mirror the colors of the new the company’s colorcoded packaging system. The creative team includes Principals/CCO Jim Haven and Matt Peterson, Executive Creative Directors Steve Cullen and Pat McKay, Art Director Brian Choi and Designer Clara Mulligan. The ad agency has worked with Seattle’s Best Coffee since 2009 to, among other things, develop a new logo and branding.
Contact: www.welcometocreature.com


Higher Emphasis for Lowercase Logo

Plano TX

J.C. Penney Company unveiled a new logo on Oscar night, the first meaningful update of the symbol in four decades. The logo puts greater visual emphasis on a new, lowercase "jcp" by positioning it slightly off-center in a box while still featuring the company's signature red color and Helvetica font. To choose the design and stave off the crowdsourcing criticism that befell The Gap and others, the company sought submissions that reflect a wide range of perspectives. Participants included employees, design agencies and two art schools - University of Cincinnati and RISD - that collectively submitted over 200 designs for consideration. The winning design was provided by Luke Langhus, a third-year graphic design student at the University of Cincinnati. While advertising and direct mail are already featuring the logo, it will take a year to replace all packaging and customer collateral, with external store signage transitioning over the next three years.
Contact: www.jcpenney.net

DesigNYC Sets 2011 Projects

New York NY

DesigNYC, a volunteer-led organization founded a year ago by Edwin Schlossberg and others, reveals its lineup of collaborations for 2011. Nine new projects, selected from submissions by the nonprofit and design communities, span the design disciplines and focus on issues such as sustainable development, social justice, health and local food systems. DesigNYC was established with the goal of matching designers with nonprofits and offering guidelines for successful results. Among the green-lighted projects: designer Rodrigo Corral will work with the Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project to create a multi-language financial rights guide for new immigrants in NYC; Otto NY will partner with Green Map System on a redesign of the Green Apple Map website; and Studio L’Image will create architectural enhancements and interpretive experiences for PortSide NewYork’s Brooklyn boathouse and community center. Also in the works are a greenhouse development on unused lots in East Brooklyn and a communications framework for a new urban and industrial ecology center in Gowanus, also in Brooklyn. Schlossberg’s cohorts include Michelle Mullineaux of ESI Design and New York’s Wendy Goodman.
Contact: www.desigNYC.org

Secrets of Web Design Success

new york ny

Brian Miller has authored Above the Fold: Understanding the Principles of Successful Web Site Design, a book about the fundamentals of graphic communication set within the context of the web. Miller, who heads the Brian Miller Design Group and is on the board of the Type Directors Club, constructed the book to help readers who are either new to graphic design and want to be web designers, or print designers looking to make the transition. Divided into three sections, the book covers each step in the process of a project: section one explores the areas of web design and typography and includes a historcial web design timeline, anatomy of a website and the elements of web design; section two helps the reader understand the steps necessary to begin a successful web design project from planning and creative briefs to mapping and wireframing; and section three examines the business aspects of web design such as attracting users and tracking their behavior in order to maximize their value to the client.
Contact: AboveTheFoldBook.com