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Seen and Noted


Paging Dear Bill

This project, "Dear Bill," consisted of a message printed via letterpress on each page of author William Strickland's 244-page book, inviting Strickland to be a guest speak at an event for the Society of Design. The Society is a small but growing non-profit dedicated to multidisciplinary design education and community service. Go Welsh took a "Gold Pencil" and Best of Show honors at the 2011 One Show Design Awards. Credits to Craig Welsh and Gunnar Wray for design, and Welsh for copy. Did the invite get the author to come? Still possible, is the honest answer.


No Need to Carry Baggage

This new advertising campaign for Delsey Luggage by ad agency Moss Warner of San Juan Capistrano CA is tagged "Travel Light." It highlights Delsey Luggage as both lightweight and durable, unlike its competitors which sacrifice one for the other. Even as consumers are spending less, the ads aim for a tone pitched as whimsical and aspirational, with each ad depicting an impossibly large number of Delsey suitcases carried effortlessly, not by their owner, but by a service worker. The fantasy message is that as light as the bags may be, no Delsey owner need ever carry their own luggage. Moss Warner Creative Director Bill Harper, Art Director Jack Fearing and Copywriter Bob Smithers worked on the campaign.
Contact: www.mosswarner.com


Rebrand Honors Roots But Breaks Conventions

Craft microbrewer Redhook Brewery asked long time design partner Hornall Anderson to rebrand its beers, help it return to its craft roots, and make its packaging more noticeable in supermarket aisles. "The new packaging is a bold departure away from the trappings of the craft category to something simpler, everyday, and oh so right for a no-nonsense brand like Redhook," says Hornall Anderson Strategist Patrick Rowell. Designed to align with Redhook's 30- year anniversary, the packaging is clean, color-coded and easily identifiable, and simplifies the shopping experience.
Contact: www.hornallanderson.com


Will Draw For Coco

How far would you go to be on the Conan O'Brien Show? Jess Smart Smiley, an artist and author living in Utah with an upcoming graphic novel for release, is drawing pictures of the talkshow host for every episode ... in the hopes he'll be invited on as a guest. No word yet from the Conan O'Brien camp but like all modern self-promotion, the artist's "Will Draw for Coco" Facebook group and blog are up and running. Accompanying the barrage of drawings is a "Dear Conan" note announcing the novel Upside Down: A Vampire Tale, which is the first in a series. "Can I come on your show and talk about it in October," the artist asks.
Contact: www.jess-smiley.com