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People to Watch in 2011 BACK FORWARD

Jenn David Connolly
jenn david connolly


Jenn David Connolly is owner of Jenn David Design, a full-service graphic design studio in San Diego CA creating unique design that commands attention. With a client base that includes several nationally recognized consumer brands, Connolly began her career designing help-wanted ads and enjoyed the challenge of finding the creativity while working within strict parameters. She has applied that same principle of remaining grounded in the project's guidelines while maximizing creativity ever since, be it packaging, websites, identity, collateral, displays or even more recently, illustration. Connolly earned her BA in studio art from Connecticut College in 2000 and credits her liberal arts education with making her well-rounded enough to run a business and be able to design across any industry. The studio also does gourmet food packaging design which lets Connolly incorporate her love of food with design. “The variety keeps the creativity fresh,” says Connolly. “I thrive on a passion for design and relish the opportunity to apply my creativity to new areas.”

Where were you born, where do you live, did this effect your design style or sensibilities?
Originally from Boston, I moved to San Francisco shortly after college, and ended up in San Diego. Leaving cold, harsh winters behind has had a profound effect on me — the light, colors and vibe of California have definitely found their way into my work. The sense of living in the moment here keeps me from overthinking things, but I stay grounded in my East Coast roots.

If you were not a designer, what would you do?
I would still be doing something creative — it’s in my blood, a thirst I have to quench. Maybe I would be a chef; I really enjoy being creative in the kitchen and experimenting with new foods as well as combinations of colors, textures, aromas and flavors.

What advice would you give a design student or young professional just starting out?
In addition to doing an internship as an undergrad, finding a mentor, and reading The Mac is not a Typewriter by Robin Williams, my favorite is something I once heard David Carson say: “Put a little bit of yourself into your work — be selfish.” That is what will set you apart from other designers.

Design Hero?
David Carson
Favorite Color?
Pale blue
Favorite Typeface?
Favorite App?
Favorite TV Shows?
Seinfeld, John from Cincinnati, Life, Project Runway, cooking shows
Favorite Books?
The Fountainhead, vintage clipart
Favorite Movies?
Step into Liquid, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Me and You and Everyone We Know
Favorite Music?
The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Singers & Players, Eek-A-Mouse, Todo Mundo, lots of jazz
Favorite Fine Artists?
Rothko, Monet
Favorite Gadget?
The Rabbit Corkscrew, Olympus E-500
Bookmarked Websites?
Recent ones include How to Make a Hula Hoop, Team Coco, Stanley’s Surfboard Logo Library
Worst Habit?
Not getting enough sleep
New Year’s Resolution?
Expand creatively into new areas and challenge myself in ways I haven’t done before.