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Seen and Noted


Y&R Joins MTV to Make 'Planet Better'

Young & Rubicam New York joined forces with MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and music collective Black Iris- featuring Best Coast's lead Bethany Consentino -to produce a powerful new music video that raises awareness of human trafficking. The song "When Will I Feel Love," was written by Consentino exclusively for the project. The video, titled Planet Better, premiered recently across MTV online and on-air around the world, and the music track also is available to download on iTunes. The video helps bring to life the realities of human trafficking, particularly when young women are forced into prostitution, Y&R NY worked with an all-star team including director/animator Edouard Salier and sound design producer Brian Emrich of Black Swan and The Wrestler fame. Other creative credits include Y&R NY's Executive Creative Directors Scott Vitrone and Ian Reichenthal, Creative Director Menno Kluin and Art Director Alexander Nowak. Paranoid was the production company on the project. To view the collaboration, go to http://vimeo.com/19912354.
Contact: www.yr.com


Sports Verbs Help Rebrand Drink

TANKindustries is helping LIV Organic rebrand its organic sports drinks to target active adults, health-conscious athletes and kids. While the original design-geared to mothers and to the organic market - was simple and clean, product testing showed that sunlight could cause the organic ingredient colors inside the clear bottle to fade over time. To address the problem and increase shelf impact, TANKindustries added a shrinkwrap label on the entire bottle; the new label not only protects the contents from sunlight but also commands more attention, with a bigger communication space. To engage a more active and energized consumer, the label is loaded with sports-related verbs in various font sizes and layout directions. Other details include a fuel pump infographic that reads "pure fuel for your body," and "6 ingredients, 0 garbage."
Contact: www.TANKindustries.com


Family Ties in Geyrhalter Project

Geyrhalter & Company created the "brand atmosphere" for brother Nikolaus Geyrhalter's documentary film Abendland. The design effort includes the poster, DVD packaging, brochure, a series of postcards and a pamphlet all the way to a website and advertising displayed on Austrian tramways. Creative Director Fabian Geyrhalter has now designed collateral for seven of eight films by his sibling. "For a long time we did not publicize much of our work for my brother and his production company because it felt like 'small family business' but now that my agency has grown and my brother has become a highly acclaimed director and producer, it feels like a shame not to share this beautiful collaboration," said Fabian Geyrhalter. Abendland shows a dark side of Europe in the late 20th century. It premiered in Austria in March and will be premiered internationally in Toronto toward the end of April.
Contact: www.geyrhalter.com