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This summer, to give designers an opportunity to become better acquainted with digital printing technology, GDUSA conducted a special Dimensional Digital Print Cover Contest. Kodak was the natural sponsor. Entrants were asked to create a design that worked as a cover for GDUSA and integrated KODAK NEXPRESS Dimensional Printing System capabilities, which feature a raised or three dimensional effect and feel. In mid-August, the judges — Ilana Greenberg, Creative Director of GDUSA, Krista Fennessy, DPS Marketing Communications Manager at Kodak, and Roger Ynostroza, Editor and Associate Publisher of Gravure Magazine after a 35-year editorial career with Graphic Arts Monthly magazine — met at the Carlton Hotel in New York City to review the more than 100 entries.

The winning selection is featured as a tip-on cover to this edition of GDUSA. It was designed by Angie Krisel of Liberty Creative Solutions; more on Angie and her design appear on the back of the tip-on. In addition, her work will be featured in various promotional and publicity materials, and she will attend Graph Expo in Chicago this fall as a guest of Kodak. Aptly calling her piece "The Future"s So Flat I Gotta Wear Shades", Angie says, in part: "As an artist, I love the challenge of taking a message and bringing it to life through design... First, I came up with the overall concept. Considering that this is a fairly new technology, why not hit the audience in the face with obviousness? I knew immediately I wanted to incorporate 3-D glasses and have the dimensional ink inside the lenses."

The KODAK NEXPRESS Dimensional Printing Solution is the newest member of the creative and application expanding KODAK NEXPRESS Fifth Imaging Unit solutions. Only available from KODAK NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Presses, Dimensional Printing gives specified text and images a raised or 3D effect that can help communications get noticed. Dimensional printing enables designers to expand their options to include tactile impressions along with visual appeal. What better way to increase awareness and response rates, than by appealing to another one of the six senses?

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The Finalists

Here are the rest of the top ten selections in order as designated by the judges.

2. Chia-ling Yu, cyudesign

3. Sean Martorana, THE_STUDIO

4. Gina Marie Lucia, House of Graphics LLC

5. Chase Wilson, REACTOR//Design Studio

6. Bob Rankin, Rankin Design For Marketing

7. Keith Rizzi and David Serdena, Rizco Design

8. Melissa Lambert Marshall

9. Mark Ritchie, Liberty Creative Solutions, Inc.

10. Tim Scott Kump, Bullet Communications, Inc.

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