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Can you tell from the first two stories below that autumn has come to the Northeast and that I already miss the life affirming warmth of the sun? The chill is making it hard to get out of bed. You know what else makes it difficult to face the day? Knowing that the morning news will be packed with tales of political (so-called) leaders behaving badly. So they managed to avoid total default; big deal. Going forward, they should heed this month’s career tips from The Creative Group, also found below: take responsibility for your actions, accept blame when it is yours, don’t point fingers but solve problems. If Congress and the President took this advice, that might brighten the day of all of us who actually pay the bills and taxes, create the jobs and communities, and build a nation.

— Gordon Kaye,



There Is A 'Sun' In Sundance


The sun has set on founder Robert Redford’s old Sundance Institute logo, and is rising on a new logo by Pentagram. The symbol is the work of partner Paula Scher, in collaboration with designers Lingxioa Tan and Kayla Jang. The yellow circle, needless to say, plays off the “sun” in the Sundance name. And, explains the design team, to capture “the kinetic nature of the institute,” the circles are incorporated in various other design elements, from stationery to website and next year’s Festival posters and materials. The Institute is a non-profit dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. SEE MORE >



Graphics Cut To The Chase


Sullivan has begun the first phase of a long-term branding, communications, and recruitment initiative for Cornell NYC Tech, a school with the potential to revolutionize technology graduate education. Described as “a brand new model for education, a graduate school for entrepreneurial technologists,” the institution was created through a partnership between Cornell University and Technion in Israel, and backed by the City of New York. The school’s vast campus is being built on Roosevelt Island, off the East Side of Manhattan. To help drive enrollment, Sullivan has created a graphic look that uses a stark “terminal-like” background to deliver provocative messages in a common programming language that only applicants with the right knowledge will understand. Sullivan Creative Director Richard Smith says that “it is insiders cutting to the chase and talking directly to the next generation.” SEE MORE >



Warmer Start To The Daypart


For 61 years, The Today Show has been a staple of morning news and entertainment on the NBC television network. Los Angeles-based Ferroconcrete has refreshed the familiar rising sun logo to give it a brighter, sunnier, warmer feel. Program officials describe the result as providing Today with a more “personal, optimistic, emotional and human” personality. SEE HISTORY >

Warmer Start To The Daypart

Sf Businesses 'C' New Identity


The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce looked to one of the city’s most admired designers to create a logo and brand identity to better reflect San Francisco’s innovative, diverse and distinctive business community. The Chamber’s new logo, by Primo Angeli, in conjunction with new agency partner Stapley-Hildebrand, depicts the principles through a mosaic of icons. “The C is for City, Chamber and Community,” said Angeli. “Captured within the illustrative C, we see a tapestry of people, business and landmarks, emphasizing the productive personality of the city and the rich visual landscape in which it thrives.” Angeli said he picked “an electric color palette” to represent both the vibrant and vital personality of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and the city. A new tagline ‒ “Our City. Your Business” ‒ accompanies the logo. Angeli, who recently returned to San Francisco after living and working in Italy for the last several years. He was recently voted by GDUSA readers as one of the most influential designers of the era. SEE MORE >



Looking for new visual resources? Come visit Bridgeman (along with many other suppliers) at the Visual Connections Expo on Wednesday, October 23rd from 12 - 7:30pm.
Visit Bridgeman at booth J1-2 to learn more about their comprehensive archive of fine art, cultural and historical stills and footage. The event is free for image buyers, happy hour included!  

bridgeman at visual connections



Describing Paul Rand as the “godfather of American Modernism,” the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) celebrates the master this fall with the opening of “Paul Rand: Defining Design.” The exhibition will runs October 27 through January 26, kicking off with a costume party “Come as Your Favorite Font” on October 25. The plan is to present Rand’s work in a new way by juxtaposing his iconic graphic design with some of the writings from his books Thoughts on Design, A Designer’s Art, Design Form and Chaos and From Lascaux to Brooklyn. MODA officials say express the hope that “visitors will get a deeper insight into Rand's work through his own words and discover what can elevate an ordinary design into something to be considered art.” The curator is Daniel Lewandowski who created the website. MORE INFO >

Atlanta Museum Goes To The Mat

Pandora Tunes Up Logo And Icon


Pandora has a new company logo and a new icon for its mobile apps. The graphics coincide with the intro of Apple’s iOS 7, but officials say that this was not the main catalyst for change. “We started work on the update to the Pandora brand and identity about a year ago,” CTO and EVP of Product Tom Conrad told the website Mashable. “I wish I could tell you that my predictive powers were such that I knew back then that all of this would intersect with the iOS 7 launch to the day ‒ but we’re not quite that good.” SEE MORE >

No Rest For Newman 20 Years On


Susan Newman is celebrating 20 years in business as graphic designer and marketing director. Her firm, Susan Newman Design Inc. (SNDI) specializes in branding and design for businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives. Formerly an art director and designer for Macmillan, Penguin and other publishers after graduating from SVA, Newman initially focused her design studio on the publishing industry, but then expanded into designing websites and marketing campaigns, executing total package branding. For the past several years, Newman has defined herself as “a brand visibility designer” with a hands-on approach to helping companies and brands build their presence globally across all media. Other activities for the tireless GDUSA favorite: she recently debuted her Books and Branding website; contributed to the just-published bestseller “Self-Promotion Sucks (but it doesn’t have to)” and is currently working on her own book; operates the websites Broadcast Louder (featuring more than 50 webinars with guest experts sharing know-how about branding, marketing and entrepreneurship) and Branding You Better (featuring a popular series of written interviews in which entrepreneurs discuss their paths to success); holds forth on a live Internet radio show, Suzy Brandtastic, on; has built up a library of video tutorials about using WordPress now available on; serves as a guest blogger for Udemy, Your Tango and Social Buzz Club; and, in 2009, founded the environmental organization Frogs Are Green, which raises public consciousness of frogs as living indicators of the future health of the planet. The Art Directors Club, GDUSA, Graphis, Print Magazine, and the Society of Illustrators are among the organizations that have honored her for her design work. READ MORE >

Loveable Losers Honor Home


The Chicago Cubs have adopted a new symbol to celebrate 100 years of Wrigley Field in 2014. Brandon Ort of New Bremen OH submitted the winning design for the “Wrigley Field Turns 100” logo contest; it was selected form more than one thousand entries. The special mark will be featured as a patch on the team's home uniforms next season, and on an endless variety of collectables and memorabilia. SEE MORE >



In The Hunt For Fox Sports 1

In The Hunt For Fox Sports 1


FOX Sports 1 partnered with entertainment branding agency loyalkaspar for its debut as a national multi-sport network. Available in over 90 million homes in the US, this marks one of the largest network launches ever. “Our strategy was to have FOX Sports 1 be a distinct and vivid extension of the FOX Sports brand,” says Robert Gottlieb, FOX Sports 1 EVP of Marketing. Led by Creative Director Anna Minkkinen, loyalkaspar designed a package around the idea that FOX Sports 1 is the color commentator of sports networks, delivering analysis and expertise with personality, passion, and entertainment. To express this, the agency developed a playful network voice that can be woven into the on-air graphics toolkit or can works as stand-alone network or talent IDs. The presentation of type was a key aspect of the design package, notes Minkkinen. In order to create consistency with the overarching brand, loyalkaspar specified UScore, a family of custom fonts developed for FOX Sports. The slanted bars that anchor the typography echo the 1’s oblique form and underline a sense of attitude. SEE MONOTAGE >


One of Cincinnati’s largest women-owned businesses – and among its largest branding, marketing and advertising companies – celebrates a landmark milestone this month as it hits the 25-year mark. Partners Lisa Sanger and Donna Eby attribute the quarter century of business growth to a “relentless focus” on understanding client needs and creating innovative, strategic solutions. “We started in print design, but quickly recognized emerging communications needs that went beyond print,” says Partner and Creative Director Lisa Sanger. “Rather than reactively responding by adding piecemeal services, we opted to focus on better understanding our clients’ businesses and proactively creating solutions for them.” Adds Partner Donna Eby: “It’s made the business more flexible, more organic.” LEARN MORE >

'Relentless' Sanger & Eby At 25


Austin TX-based GSD&M is responsible for a new logo and branding effort on behalf of the Big 12 Conference. The venerable college football league has been going through something of an identity crisis, as several schools have left. To counter the sense of uncertainty, says GSDM Vice President Jeff Orth, the designers adapted the previous use of Roman numerals and shaped them into a sturdy logo itself. The result: a greater sense of history and strength, and hopefully less confusion from the league’s current roster of only 10 teams. LEARN MORE >

Big 12 Symbol Tackles Turmoil


Visual Connections New York returns on October 23 to the Altman Building in Chelsea, Manhattan. The annual education and networking event is for buyers of creative and editorial photography, footage and illustration. The one-day program offers the opportunity to learn about sourcing, licensing and using imagery; discover new sources of stock media; meet the people behind the images; learn about the latest trends and pick up tips; network with peers; and enjoy a free lunch, beer or glass of wine. This year’s event has a special focus on footage. FREE REGISTRATION >

Photo Expo Adds Footage Focus


Take Five! Career Tips From The Creative Group


Have you ever “taken one for the team”? Three in 10 senior managers surveyed by our company said they have accepted the blame in the office for something that wasn’t their fault. Here are five tips for navigating the blame game at work:

1. Admit When You’re Wrong. It’s better to acknowledge a mistake you’ve made than to try to deny it or shift the blame.

2. Move On. When something goes wrong, don’t get wrapped up in pointing fingers. Focus on what should be done to resolve the issue and avoid similar situations in the future.

3. Don’t Always Be The Fall Guy (Or Girl). It’s understandable for employees to cover for a colleague from time to time, but don’t make a habit of it. The individual who made the error may continue to make mistakes, and you will be the one whose job could be at risk.

4. Keep Everyone Honest. Make sure expectations are clearly outlined for every project. Document each team member’s responsibilities and contributions so there’s accountability.

5. Give Credit Where It’s Due. Acknowledge colleagues for their accomplishments and call attention to group successes.

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