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GDUSA Green Newsletter

September 2013

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Growing up, Sundays were spent in Brooklyn at my grandparents home, the upstairs apartment of an attached house. There was Fannie, Hymie, Irving, Isadore, Aunt Ida, Ida’s son George, and lots of old world food. Georgie, they said, was a genius – the immigrant elders were so proud of their Americanized progeny that we were all accorded genius status one time or another. But it turns out that George was the real thing. He is now Professor Lakoff of UC Berkeley, America’s leading linguist, best-selling author and renowned consultant on how progressives can better frame issues to win policy battles and elections. George recently gave an interview to The Guardian about effective and persuasive ways to communicate sustainability. Read it, or no brisket for you.


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Signage System Is No Dinosaur


The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has phenomenal exhibits – an enormous dinosaur hall, a living butterfly pavilion, and a leading collection of gems and minerals. Getting through the maze-like campus, however, was less phenomenal. So in the midst of a five-year renovation and expansion, Carbone Smolan Associates – teaming with the NHM’s Creative Services department and Kim Baer Design Associates – developed a signage system to improve the visitor experience. The system spans interior and exterior, permanent and temporary applications, and consists of “photographic billboards” of imagery and text that highlight collections and guide visitors from experience to experience. The wayfinding signage incorporates flexible fabrication techniques and sustainable materials that give the NHM staff the freedom to update images or content separately or together, as needed. In addition, a refreshed reception hall with custom ticketing desks and digital information displays welcome visitors to the “new” museum. SEE MORE >


Unilever is tapping the “crowd” for ideas for a next-generation sustainable shower. Part of the corporation’s Sustainable Living Plan – launched in 2010 with dozens of specific goals to be achieved by 2020 – the Unilever competition seeks ideas for showers that will save water and energy, yet will still offer a quality showering experience. The concept must be accompanied by pictures or illustrations. Submitted ideas will be crowdsourced so that consumers can vote on the best concepts. Participants in the contest just have to follow a few guidelines. The shower must recycle water, fit into a conventional space, be affordable and deliver a “sensorial experience.” Functionality and sustainability are paramount. READ MORE >

Save Water: Shower With A Crowd


The demand for transparency in marketing and branding is spreading throughout the marketplace. This is an important subtext of our special report coming up in the next GDUSA magazine entitled “Green People.” As in past years, we shine the spotlight on design organizations who exemplify the ethic of sustainability. What these firms tell us, each in their own way, about successful green marketing and branding in 2013 is simple but profound: to build and maintain trust in this challenging climate, you and your client need to say what you mean and mean what you say. Shown here: the team at Christiansen Creative of Hudson WI. SEE 2012 GREEN PEOPLE >

Green People Spotted



NPR Moves To Leed-Gold HQ


Poulin + Morris has made what is described as a “major graphic design contribution” to NPR’s new Washington DC headquarters on North Capitol Street, NE, in the business improvement district NOMA (North of Massachusetts Avenue). A landmark-status 1920’s warehouse was renovated and an adjoining new, 7-story building developed to create a 440,000-square-foot LEED-Gold certified headquarters that accommodates a staff of more than 700. Along with developing a comprehensive environmental graphics, donor recognition and wayfinding sign program, and a branding and identity program for the store and employee cafeteria, Poulin + Morris was responsible for creating a permanent, interactive lobby exhibition entitled “ This is NPR.” SEE MORE >

Cause Design Pioneer Rebrands

Cause Design Pioneer Rebrands


Hershey Cause Communications, a pioneer in cause marketing – from climate change and the environment to breast cancer awareness and LGBT rights – relaunches as one integrated brand. Based in Los Angeles and lead by R. Christine Hershey, the mission-driven strategic marketing and communications agency and nonprofit organization has a long history of pursuing positive social change on behalf of companies, foundations, nonprofits and the public sector. With the rebrand, the firm becomes a hybrid social venture, unifying its nonprofit organization and certified B Corporation into one mission: to use communications for good. As a certified B Corporation, Hershey Cause Communications voluntarily meets higher standards of transparency, accountability and performance. Together, the B Corporation and nonprofit form one of a growing number of hybrid social ventures committed to solving problems through social entrepreneurship. Ms. Hershey founded the marketing and communications agency in 1977. Her first project was an outreach campaign to women small business owners for a group of LA area credit unions. Over the decades, she has worked at the forefront of nearly every major social movement, and represented more than 170 organizations. READ MORE >



Lynette Maymi, a 34-year-old self-employed designer from Pompano Beach FL has won the Two Sides Eco-graphic Challenge. The contest asked for an engaging infographic that clearly presents facts about the sustainability of print and paper. Maymi was awarded the $2,500 grand prize. Says Two Sides US President Phil Riebel: “Lynette created an ‘eco-graphic’ that helps correct common misperceptions about the sustainability of printed communications, like the ones perpetuated by misleading environmental marketing claims that urge people to go paperless to protect the environment. We couldn’t be more thrilled.” Two other designers received honorable mentions: Taylor Pederson of Chanhassen MN and Lisa Marek Olson of Inver Grove Heights MN. Support for the contest came from: Boise, Domtar, Lindenmeyr Munroe, PrintMediaCentr, Unisource, UPM and Western States Envelope & Label. SEE MORE >


Florida Designer Wins Eco-Graphic Contest


Giro Package 100% Compostable


BXC Design & Branding of Dana Point CA recently help Giro rebrand their snow sports division product with a new system that includes all snow category specific helmets and goggles. The box engineering focuses on structure and function first. The boxes are also design for maximized paper yield by minimizing cut-off waste, and they have a pop-bottom structure to shorten assembly time. Finally, they fold and store flat for retail storage. Notes BXC: the packaging is 100% compostable and the windows are PET. SEE MORE >


iStock Hosts Seminars and Happy Hour At ADC NYC On October 2… RSVP >





Calendars are time managers; they document the year’s passing on a month-by-month basis. Some calendars are more than that: they are placed on the wall with pride. The “2013 VIP Calendar: Print Inspires Print. Day After Day” from Agfa Graphics is one of those calendars, and it has been named a Gold Medal winner in its category of the 2013 Gold Ink Awards. It not only immortalizes the year 2013, but also is a compilation of the best images submitted in a photo contest among all Agfa Graphics employees. The winning images best represent the theme of sustainability which, note Agfa officials, is at the core of the company’s business strategy. “Print is a medium that provides inspiration and motivation. It has a unique ability to communicate thoughts and ideas and stimulate conversations. While digital technologies have become important in everyday life, this calendar demonstrates the power of print,” says Deborah Hutcheson, Director of Marketing, Agfa Graphics, North America. LEARN MORE >

Green Calendar Wins Gold


Sustainability On Head, Heart, Hand Agenda



Today, “to design” is a verb that transcends disciplines and mediums: Those who design bring creative value to messages, objects, functions, experiences, services and strategies. The AIGA in Minneapolis plans to explores the three dimensions of modern design practice: (1) Head - Design thinking or strategy. (2) Heart - Design for social impact. (3) Hand - Design as craft. Great design will always embody each of these attributes, though every project draws on them in a different balance. The conference will celebrate the need for all three, and kick off AIGA’s centennial celebration. LEARN MORE >