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Engineering A Striking Annual

Engineering A Striking Annual

For decades, the Annual Report of the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) has served as a centerpiece of its fundraising and outreach efforts. Leading the creation of these reports is Ludlow6, a New York-based design firm that has worked with NACME for more than two decades. For the 2012 Annual Report, the twentieth report that Ludlow6 has produced for NACME, Ludlow6 creative director Jim Wawrzewski worked with the organization to showcase a new minority in engineering: the American engineer. “The country itself is falling behind the rest of the world in engineering education and numbers of engineers,” he says. “Instead of focusing solely on ethnicity, we profiled NACME’s minority scholars in the context of American engineers and their key role in innovation and increasing America’s global competitiveness.” In addition, Ludlow6 translated the research into infographics that served as anchor points for the report. Engaging photography, an updated color palette of optimistic blue, green, and orange, and QR codes also added new energy to the Annual. LEARN MORE >


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