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GDUSA Green Newsletter

August 2013

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I know I am preaching to the choir but, still, an article I saw recently in is worth noting. The premise of the piece is that the world is now a visual place, but that corporate management types depend way too much on words to communicate sustainability. The authors recommend going “beyond words” to tell the story. Recommendations include: a punchy executive summary to support the formal corporate sustainability report; a green brand that complements the overall corporate identity; a memorable theme and title for reports; and producing materials sustainably with SFI-type third party certifications clearly labelled. Hallelujah and amen. GK




Platform: An Unselfish Brand


Launched in Argentina, Coke is testing a healthier and eco-friendlier option to consumers. Coca-Cola Life is reportedly an all-natural, low-calorie soda packaged in a fully-recyclable plant-based bottle. It’s made with a mix of sugar and stevia-based substitute. The plant-based bottle consists of 30% recycled natural materials, and is more lightweight than the usual plastic bottles. Graphic design credits to go Seattle-based Platform which describes Coke Life as “a brand in touch with nature… a brand that isn’t selfish.” As you can see, instead of the brand’s signature red, the package design features a green label that visually communicates sustainability. LEARN MORE >


Salt of the Earth Bakery is relaunching their artisan baked goods in a fresh structure and design. The products are currently sold in fine food and natural food stores. “Rebranding the best cookies and brownies on the planet was no easy task. When you try them, you’ll understand why our inspiration was to make each box into a piece of art,” said John Nunziato, creative director, Little Big Brands, experienced in sustainable package design solutions. Both cookies and brownies are housed in a custom craft box that hinges similar to a jewel box. It also features a large diecut window on top where the product is visible. The brand identity was cleaned up, given a more organic font, and depth and dimension added to the mark. Vibrant colors contrast the craft paper and are painted on the top and sides, with solid color peeking out from the bottom panels of the box. Typography was chosen to reflect the handcrafted nature of the product. CONTACT >

Sustainability Baked In



Bloomberg: Recyle Everything


Following the largest expansion of its recycling program in 25 years, New York City unveils a multi-channel consumer public education campaign to drive awareness of recycling and motivate New Yorkers to “Recycle Everything.” Says Mayor Mike Bloomberg: “The ’Recycle Everything’ ad campaign and the expansion of our organic food waste recycling program shows how far New York has come in managing the 11,000 tons of waste generated every day… I want to thank Grey for their incredible designs for our public information campaign.” The Grey New York campaign is inspired by how city residents find new uses for anything from clothing to storefronts, apartments, restaurants, fads, songs and more. The centerpiece of the effort is print/poster ads featuring striking pop art-like collages. LEARN MORE >

Epic Push For Green Fox Toon


Walmart is going green for the homevideo launch of “Epic” in what Variety magazine says may be “the biggest push for a homevideo title by the world’s largest retailer to date.” The Twentieth Century Fox movie is described as “environmentally themed,” and Walmart has already introduced a “Epic Green Warriors” campaign at its nearly 3,000 stores to support the animated film, and DVD and Blu-ray sales. The effort aims to teach kids to be more eco-friendly and involves brands like Brita, Burt’s Bees, Glad and Green Works, covering the household products, grocery and health and beauty categories. Each product in the program will feature an “Epic Warrior” sticker. A treasure map, available online, via mobile and through in-store ads, will also be made available to shoppers to find the products. READ MORE >


Goodwill Annual Report Unfolds



As part of Alexander Isley’s ongoing work with Goodwill, the designers decided to make their annual report a narrative experience, where the progressive unfolding of pages reveals new information. The document presents all the required content: A welcoming letter, mission, success stories, and financial information, all presented as part of a story line. And it ends with “a big thank you” to the year's contributors. Compared with previous years’ traditional documents, says Isley, “this report was easier to produce, used less paper, was 1/3 the cost to print, and was less expensive to mail, enabling valuable resources to be allocated elsewhere.” SEE MORE >


Nascar In A Race To Green


Nascar is running television spots intended to show how its drivers and corporate partners are chipping in to help make the planet greener. Created by Ogilvy & Mather, the latest spot features Roush Fenway driver Greg Biffle and his 3M Ford Fusion. A high ranking driver, Biffle notes that he drives a Ford Taurus EcoBoost when he’s not on the track. SInce everyone knows that Nascar is a large consumer of fossil fuels, the challenge of changing minds is significant. The focus of the spots: reminding people that Nascar powers its cars with ethanol-infused fuel, and that the company is deeply involved in tree-planting initiatives, carbon offsets, and encouraging solar-power. The campaign is part of an overall initiative to brand the race circuit as sustainable. CONTACT >



Hoping You'll Keep Your Cup


KeepCup is an Australian-based company with a global mission: to encourage the use of reusable cups. The company is seeking to create a “global brand” around the elements of people who love coffee, people who care about the environment, and people who appreciate good design. The ultimate goal is to reduce disposable cups, and raise reuse rates to 40% reusables. The cups can be customized by color, logo or graphics. The product is plastic; the company contends the resources required to manufacture plastic are relatively low, the result is lightweight and unbreakable, it is dishwasher safe, recyclable at the end of life, and stackable for efficient shipping. LEARN MORE >


Sustainability On Head, Heart, Hand Agenda



Today, “to design” is a verb that transcends disciplines and mediums: Those who design bring creative value to messages, objects, functions, experiences, services and strategies. The AIGA in Minneapolis plans to explores the three dimensions of modern design practice: (1) Head - Design thinking or strategy. (2) Heart - Design for social impact. (3) Hand - Design as craft. Great design will always embody each of these attributes, though every project draws on them in a different balance. The conference will celebrate the need for all three, and kick off AIGA’s centennial celebration. LEARN MORE >