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GDUSA NewsletterJune 2011



It has always been a mystery to me that there are so many highly vertical professional associations in our sphere, and so little collaboration between them. This is especially vexing because “design” is gaining recognition as a force for shaping commerce and changing society, and it would be helpful if its most vociferous advocates would speak with one voice. For that reason, I note with pleasure that Kevin Budelmann, the new president of the Association for Professional Design Firms (as well as a partner in Peopledesign), is calling for a unified message on the future of design from the likes of AIGA, DMI, IDSA, IxDA, GDC, RGD, SEGD and his own APDF. His thesis: these organizations share a common core philosophy, greater convergence is in their mutual best interest in a multidisciplinary world, and unity can only help to elevate design. Sounds about right.
– Gordon Kaye


Graphic Design News


Hybrid Design was behind the recently launched Nike “Free” Campaign. Both advertising and instore graphics target active women, 18-25 and high school aged athletes. The goal was to be democratic, upbeat and celebratory of the individual and her needs — self focused and having fun. Hybrid was selected to make sure the ad campaign was completely cohesive with the retail; the firm created the entire experience including the retail and environmental graphics, custom fixtures, window displays and print advertising and out of home. Credits to Creative Director, Dora Drimalas, Design Director Caleb Kozlowski and Designer Sumila Mehta.

Our flagship competition is open to the entire community. The deadline is June 30. FOR INFORMATION OR AN ENTRY FORM CLICK HERE >


The March/April issue of Connect Magazine, a publication of Solo Printing in Miami FL, provides insight on the theme of building brands and engagement with the market, as opposed to just selling products. Articles touch on how world class marketers are building trust with their audiences, and how Print 2.0 is making smart print more customized, personalized and integrated with the digital world. John Paul Carr captures the theme in in his Publisher’s Letter: “Once you own a community, you can sell them anything. The valuation is so high because they have people’s attention. It isn’t about the technology — there are thousands of people who can program like they do. Their success is the result of owning a place in our lives. It isn’t about the who; it is about the you... [C]ompanies that define themselves by the markets they serve will enjoy long-term prosperity. When we are defined by the community we serve, a level of understanding and intimacy is born. In turn, a high level of empathy creates amazing relationships and a real competitive advantage.” The free magazine is definitely worth a read. LEARN MORE >

Creativity has no boundaries… neither should your design education. LEARN MORE >


The Museum of Craft and Design presents innovative contemporary work in San Francisco. Of late, the Museum is creating a series of pop-up exhibitions. The first installation, Transference, was a kinetic sound installation that reinterpreted the armonica through a series of glass sculptures, which emit sound. Gauger + Associates, agency of record since 2010, developed a microsite and poster campaign for the exhibition.


GQ is Magazine of the Year in the Society of Publication Designer's annual competition. Winning for the 3rd time, GQ edged out Bloomberg. BusinessWeek, W and Wired, which placed second. Fred Woodward heads the design team, which also includes Art Director Anton Loukhnovets; Designers Thomas Alberty, Chelsea Cardinal, Delgis Canahuate, Benjamin Bours; and Creative Director Jim Moore.


Graphic arts expert and industry veteran Regis Delmontagne has been teaching about American printing and design in Russia and China. He writes: “Another successful teaching program at Wuhan University. As usual, your magazines were quite a hit.”

The Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum will celebrate outstanding achievement in design this fall with its 12th annual National Design Awards program. Lifetime Achievement honoree Matthew Carter and the other recipients will be honored at a gala dinner Thursday, October 20 at Pier Sixty in New York. First launched at the White House in 2000 as a project of the White House Millennium Council, the National Design Awards promote excellence and innovation in design. The awards are accompanied each year by a variety of public education programs know as National Design Week. First Lady Michelle Obama serves as the Honorary Patron for this year's National Design Awards. of work. As you may already be aware, the Communication Design Award, which honors work in graphic or multimedia design, will be presented to Rick Valicenti; Hoefler & Frere-Jones, which has designed some of the world's most famous fonts, and Project Projects, a design studio focusing on on projects in art and architecture. Cooper-Hewitt's sixth annual National Design Week will be held Oct. 15-23. To see all the winners CLICK HERE.


Chicago Executive Airport, which has grown into one of the country’s busiest general aviation airports, has a new graphic look. The project was executed by One Zero Charlie worked closely with the CEA management team and board. The program included a trademark, business papers, vehicle graphics, a more user-friendly website (, as well as the airport's ongoing marketing communication materials ranging from aerial photography and signage to trade show graphics, publicity, editorial services, and newsletters. Designers are James Westwood, Andy Heintzelman, Kristen Highland, with design direction by Michael Stanard.

The Association of Professional Design Firms has named Kevin Budelmann, president of Peopledesign, as its president as well. APDF is directed by and for 100 leading independent product, communications, and interactive design firms in North America. In this new role, Budelmann says that he plans to position the organization as a key player in defining the future of the design profession, one that creates opportunities for best practices information exchange for the benefit of members. Co-author of Brand Identity Essentials (Rockport Publishers), Budelmann states: “As the organization’s new president, I plan to deepen the APDF focus on design entrepreneurship. I plan to extend our collaborations with other leading design associations, and help define a future path for the design profession.” He argues that a tremendous opportunity exists for organizations such as, APDF, AIGA, DMI, IDSA, GDC, RGD, and SEGD to send a unified message on the future of design in an increasingly multi-disciplinary world.

Take Five! Career Tips

From The Creative Group

Graduate Gaffes

School’s out but class is always in session when it comes to the job search. As new graduates prepare to enter the work world, they should pay as much attention to technology “etiquette” as they do promoting their mastery of technology. Following are five tech etiquette errors and tips to avoid them on the job hunt:

1. Posting imprudently. Employers often turn to the Web for information about applicants. Polish and protect your reputation by using good judgment, adequate privacy settings and the delete button when you find content that puts you in a bad light.

2. Leaving your bio blank. Professional networking sites provide space to summarize who you are and what you’re looking for in a job or career. An incomplete profile is a missed opportunity. Craft one highlighting your relevant internships, education, and student group or professional association memberships. Help employers find you by using key industry terms when describing your skills, objectives and positions of interest.

3. Corresponding carelessly. Email is a more casual medium but the rules of writing still apply. Proofread your job application materials and emails diligently. Hot job prospects can cool quickly if your message is littered with typos or texting shorthand.

4. Adopting an “all about me” attitude. Networking sites make it easy to reach out for job leads, introductions and general career assistance. That said, you won’t get far if you inundate contacts with requests but rarely return the favor. Be gracious when asking for help and look for ways to reciprocate.

5.Misusing mobile devices during interviews. Never respond to a call or text message during an interview, and don’t text a hiring manager after the meeting - pick up the phone or send an email if you haven’t heard back within a couple of weeks.

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