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With all eyes focused on the new FTC Green Guidelines and their ramifications for eco-marketing, release by Terrachoice of its annual “Sins of Greenwashing” study is exquisitely timed. The Terrachoice study is an admirable assemblage of data about consumer products and their advertising claims. To save you reading time, here is the report in a nutshell: there is good news and there is bad news. For optimists, the number of products making green claims has increased more than 70 percent, a clear conviction that consumer interest in environmentally friendly products is high and rising. And what about you pessimists? According to the Terrachoice analysts, at least 95 percent of the products still commit at least one greenwashing “sin”, 70 percent offer no proof of their claims, and almost one-in-three include a graphic element that misleadingly appears to be a third party certification. The report calls this “worshipping false labels”, a phrase you’ve gotta love.

— Gordon Kaye


Regis Delmontagne, graphic arts industry veteran and former head of the Graphic Arts Show Company, has taught printing and design students in Russia and China for the past several years. He sent this email earlier this month.

Hello Gordon. Again, many thanks for providing GDUSA magazines for our classes in Russia. As usual, they were extremely popular with the students. They were absolutely so glad to have the opportunity to view it, when it came to their turn, and I’m sure it will be “dog eared” by the time the last students reads it. We taught package printing and design to hundreds of students in Moscow, Kiev, and St. Petersburg Universities which offer printing and related courses. In fact, the presentation was so successful that a small group of designers asked me to repeat it for about 14 students in their design studio. You should have seen the students huddled around a Mac, a huge piece of textile hung over the large window to keep the room dark, and all wondering who would get to keep the magazine.

— Regis Delmontagne



Eggs-ellent Solution Eggs-ellent Solution
Leveraging the visual language of rebirth, growth and reproduction, Landor Associates has created a new identity that ties together the 95-year-old San Diego Zoo, its popular Safari Park, and the Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research. The egg image connects the collective conservation and education advocacy efforts of the three entities, to help reach both consumers and donors. “Ambassadors For Wildlife” became the unifying brand idea which then spawned the slogan “WIld At Heart.” Each institution is differentiated through color, connecting the properties without having them overlap.

Chardonnay Grande
Here’s welcome news for you freelancers using Starbucks as your office. The future of the franchise has arrived as the stores plan to begin serving regional wine and beer. It is all part of a middle age crisis for the company, which is seeking to refresh the brand by making the stores feel more like a neighborhood cafe and to offer a broader range of beverages and snacks. The subtext: to get people to come in after 2pm, when its market share tends to drop off. A prototype is up and running on Olive Way in the Seattle WA Capitol Hill area.


You can now download an entry form for GDUSA’s fastest-growing national competition. It is presented by GDUSA and sponsored by Neenah Paper. The deadline is December 10.


Invisible Pop Up Stores
Invisible Pop Up Stores Young & Rubicam’s unique effort for Airwalk features the world’s first “invisible pop up store.” Using augmented reality technology, Y&R created two illusory pop up store locations where Airwalks are meant to be worn — in New York’s Washington Square Park and California’s Venice Beach. Then, through a free augmented reality app called GoldRun for the iPhone, sneaker lovers could reserve the limited edition shoes by going to one of the two invisible pop up store locations, and snapping a picture of the augmented reality shoe. People were only able to buy this sneaker if their GPS-enabled smartphone confirmed that they were within the confines of the invisible “store.” Art Director is Alexander Nowak, Creative Directors are Graeme Hall and Menno Kluin, and Global Director Creative Content is Kerry Keenan.

Illuminated Manuscript
Marian Bantjes has created an illuminated manuscript for the 21st Century, a book that treats the senses and challenges the mind. Known as, among other things, an innovative typographers, Entitled I WONDER, Bantjes takes the opportunity to examines the role of wonder in design and imagery, weaving her musings together with historically reminiscient forms and contemporary materials: from gold patterning to displays involving cereal, jewelry, tinfoil, and macaroni. Monacelli Press is the publisher.


Send in samples of your Finch projects and be eligible to win an iPAD, not to mention lots of recognition.
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Healthy Graphics
Healthy Graphics SEGD and Hablamos Juntos have introduced a set of 56 graphic symbols intended to make hospitals and other healthcare facilities easier to navigate, particularly for patients with limited English or reading ability. The project, Universal Symbols in Health Care, results from a research effort led by Hablamos Juntos and the Society, including a consortium of four university design schools and design firms specializing in health care wayfinding. Hablamos Juntos is a group that works to connect health professionals with the growing Latino community in the U.S. More information, a poster and access to the symbols are available at..

Indie Posters
The renewed prominence of the poster as a marketing tool and a display of artistry has led to a renaissance. Curated by John Foster, author of New Masters of Poster Design, this collection of 1000 Indie Posters showcases the cutting edge of poster design work. The eclectic collection, published by Rockport, spans from music to the political and everything in between.


JAM Paper & Envelope opens two Holiday Pop-Up Stores in New York City. The holiday locations are 466 Lexington Avenue (45th and 46th) and 189 8th Avenue (19th and 20th). With its 7500 square foot flagship store on Third Avenue (14th & 15th Street), Jam now has Manhattan covered. Explains COO Andrew Jacobs: “Our stores, phones lines, and website are always swamped during the holidays. We decided to join the big boys ... and open additional locations for the holidays. We’ve loaded the stores with Wrapping Paper, Ribbon, Bows, Gift Boxes, and Red and Green Envelopes.”


The Mii Generation
The Mii Generation Pearlfisher has created the branding for Mii, a make-up line from Gerrard International. It is the first own-brand makeup line from this leading consultancy for professional beauty salons and spas. According to Natalie Chung, Creative Director at Pearlfisher, the brand essence revolves around the idea of individuality: the consumer is at the heart of the brand and the products work to enhance the individual beauty — the real ‘me’ — of those that use them. The brand name is an aural representation of the brand essence, and looks unique and stylish when written. To help simplify, stand out and educate in the cosmetic marketplace, the graphic design leads with useful hints and tips on how best to use the Mii products.

Tough Client
Hockey is a tough sport, and the Seattle Thunderbirds want to make sure that people know it. Hansen Belyea built a campaign for the 2010-11 season that emphasizes the unique experience of hockey — something you have to see personally to appreciate in full. The campaign includes print ads, web banners, billboards, and even the sides of metro buses.


GDUSA has teamed with Veer to offer creative professionals the most fun and interesting merchandise available. Current offerings include the following items and much more.

1. Sketchbook Set. The Very Secret Order of Creatives Understanding exists to encourage and celebrate creativity. Nothing encourages creativity like a blank page. Or, better yet, 144 blank pages of 80-lb stock. sketchbooks
2. Kern Zip-Up Next time you have to explain kerning to a layman, you’ll have a live demo just a zip away. The soft navy blue fleece on this fitted lightweight jogging jacket won’t pill. zipup
3. White Space T-Shirt
Veer’s fairest tee places whitespace front and center, making negative space the compositional element. The Whitespace T-Shirt adds aesthetic balance to any designer’s wardrobe. It’s American Apparel 100% cotton.

Veer provides visual elements for use in professional creative work, such as graphic design, motion design, advertising and filmmaking. Products include stock photography, illustration, typefaces, and unique merchandise.


Blurb is a creative publishing and marketing platform that unleashes the creative genius inside everyone. Blurb’s platform makes it easy to design, publish, market and sell professional-quality books, using the company’s BookSmart® software or PDF to Book workflow. Blurb’s bookstore and online marketing tools enable customers to market and sell their books, and keep 100% of their profit. Blurb’s social and community features allow customers to create and share Blurb books among friends and colleagues with ease. Blurb was founded by Eileen Gittins in 2005, and includes a team of design, Internet and media veterans who share a passion for helping people bring their stories to life.

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