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sunchips File this story under the category “it’s not easy being green.” Frito-Lay has made a laudable effort to produce a meaningful industry first: chip bags made from 100 percent PLA, a corn-based biopolymer, that fully decomposes in less than a month when placed in an active compost pile or bin. Are consumers happy? Not necessarily. Turns out the eco-friendly material makes a loud crackling sound when the bag is opened, and this has led to an outcry from snack lovers up in arms about the noise. A “Sorry But I Can’t Hear You Over The Sun Chips Bag” Facebook page has more than 50,000 fans, which does not make me feel hopeful about our society’s future. Frito-Lay marketers, however, are trying to make lemonade out of lemons. (I tried hard to find a chip metaphor but failed). The company is placing point-of-sale in grocery stores that declares: “Yes, it’s loud. That’s the sound of change.”

— Gordon Kaye


Use What You Need
billboard Sukle Advertising & Design is continuing its much-praised Denver Water campaign by placing vinyl snipes over existing billboards to emphasize conservation and the idea that “Waste Is Out.” The campaign’s overall message is “Use only what you need.” Sukle says the snipes use only 8% of the vinyl that a newly printed board would. A previous billboard campaign by the agency made the same point by using only a small portion of space and leaving the rest of the frame empty.

Sustainable In Savannah
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) tackles graphic design’s arguably negative impact on both the socioeconomic balance and the natural balance. The conference brings together speakers - Jonathan Baldwin, Rebecca Bedrossian, John Bielenberg, Eric Benson, Valerie Casey, Brian Dougherty, William Drenttel, Phil Hamlett, Cheryl Heller, Terry Irwin, John Jennings, Russell Kerr, and Joshua Onyskot - who are grappling with the search for true sustainability and the role design should and should not play. The dates are October 7-9.

unplugged BMW has been forced to pull an advertising campaign from UK media markets after the British Advertising Standards Authority decided that the ads were misleading in their description of the Concept Active as a “zero-emissions” vehicle. The campaign's tagline, “100 percent joy, zero percent emissions,” was found by regulators to misrepresent the lifecycle carbon footprint of the car, because much of the electricity used to power plug-in cars currently comes from burning coal. For the Authority - and the rest of us - it raises the broader question of whether electronic and digital products are actually more eco-friendly when all elements are considered.

Sweet Solution
Starting in 2011, Procter & Gamble will use a sustainable sugarcane-derived plastic for certain packaging applications on three leading brands: Covergirl, Max Factor, and Pantene Pro-V. The sugarcane derivative is a renewable resource and 100%, unlike traditional plastic, made from non-renewable petroleum. The pilot program rolls out of the next two years. According to Gina Drosos, Group President, Global P&G Beauty, women told the company “they want to make themselves more beautiful without making their environment less beautiful.”

Oil Spill Commentary
oil The oil spill in the Gulf Coast and its effects on people and wildlife won’t be soon forgotten. To help keep the memory alive, Alabama’s Cardinal & Company developed a visual solution that turns actual oil-stained sand from the gulf shores into social commentary. Copy reads: “Introducing 100% Organic Gulf Oil, designed by James Martin of Cardinal & Company. Bottled with oil-stained sand from shores in the Gulf of Mexico. *NOTE: Each jar ruins 150,000 gallons of water.”


greenspace Graph Expo, expected to be the year’s largest graphic communications exhibition and conference in the Americas, is making room for the environment. For the sustainable-minded, the event has added GREENspace, a one-stop destination on the show floor for green information, education, products and services. Whether novice, intermediate or advanced in their sustainability knowledge and actions, attendees will find useful resources and tools. Special attractions include a “consultants corner” with free one-on-one consulting with sustainability experts; several special exhibitors with sustainability-focused products and services; a printed directory/guide to Graph Expo exhibitors offering eco-friendly products and services; and a theater displaying multiple presentions on sustainability. SFI and GDUSA are the sponsors. Graph Expo takes place October 3-6 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Video on GREENspace...


Creative Retreat Giveaway
getaway In response to numerous requests, the deadline for the Finch is in the House! Creative Retreat Giveaway has been extended! Designers now have until August 27 to submit samples of projects produced on Finch Paper. Once samples are received, companies are entered to win an Adirondack Creative Retreat for up to six staff members. The winning project will also be featured in the popular Finch is in the House design blog. The all-expenses paid winner’s weekend at a private lodge in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York is to take place September 17-20.

Measuring Manufacturing
The publishers of and UL Environment have proposed an ambitious new green certification program that seeks to measure the sustainability of manufacturing companies. The two organizations released the draft standard for a 45-day public comment period. Pursuant to the plan, core metrics will be measured in five areas: sustainability governance, environment, workforce, customers and suppliers, and social and community engagement.

Cookie Footprint
cookies Ray Sutton, founder of NOW Bakery, engaged the Evenson Design Group to create the identity program, packaging and web presence for the company and its new cookie line. The treats are organic, gluten and dairy free. In that spirit, Evenson Design of Culver City CA lessened the client’s carbon footprint by packaging the cookies in 100% biodegradable kraft bags that use recycled and postconsumer materials, and are lined with EarthFirst compostable film made from annually renewable plants. The label is printed on FSC and Rainbow Alliance certified 100% postconsumer paper.

Classroom Conservation
National Geographic and P&G are expanding the impact of the latter’s Future Friendly program by launching an integrated in-school conservation education program called Find Your Footprint. Developed to encourage students, families and schools to monitor and reduce their environmental footprint during the school year, the multimedia program focuses on energy, waste and water tips that can then be applied to participate in a national classroom conservation contest. Rules and details about how to enter and who is eligible are available at...

Empire State Energy
empirestate New York’s Empire State Building unveils a multimedia exhibit in the Visitors’ Center. Created by Seattle’s Hornall Anderson, the exhibit educates the public about the building’s energy efficient retrofit. The narrative-driven installation blends digital media and museum-quality exhibits. All designs are rooted in the iconic stature of the building, but decidedly modern and forward looking.


“While the eco-trip will give two people the chance of a lifetime to experience the reforestation project first-hand, the broader message is that even a simple act like purchasing environmentally conscious paper can set off a chain of events that ultimately leads to the protection and conservation of the world’s natural resources.”

— Kristen Hogan, Senior Brand Manager for Neenah Paper, on the mill’s innovative “Eco-Trip for Two” sweepstakes open to September 30. One winner will be randomly selected to receive a grand prize trip for two to Costa Rica which includes airfare, ground transportation, accommodations at an ecologically friendly resort as well as a guided day-trip to the Neenah Reforestation Project, a project in partnership with the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and Friends of the Osa.


GDUSA has teamed with Veer to offer creative professionals the most fun and interesting merchandise available. Current offerings include the following items and much more.


1. White Space T-Shirt
Veer’s fairest tee places whilespace front and center, making negative space the compositional element. The Whitespace T-Shirt adds aesthetic balance to any designer’s wardrobe. It’s American Apparel 100% cotton.


2. Kern Zip-Up
Next time you have to explain kerning to a layman, you’ll have a live demo just a zip away. The soft navy blue fleece on this fitted lightweight jogging jacket won’t pill.


3. Ampersand Cufflinks
For those who like to be clever on and off the cuff, these Ampersand Faux Cuff Links are just the thing. Wear them like regular cuff links on French cuff shirts, or as button covers on pre-buttoned cuffs.

Veer provides visual elements for use in professional creative work, such as graphic design, motion design, advertising and filmmaking. Products include stock photography, illustration, typefaces, and unique merchandise.


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