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GREEN WASHING NOT GREENWASHING Procter and Gamble, the giant built on soaps and detergents, has kicked off a consumer engagement campaign. Future Friendly is a multi-brand and multi-platform effort to raise awareness about greener products and greener practices. In addition to featuring the Future Friendly logo on the packages, the campaign includes extensive education to help consumers use its products in ways that save water, waster, energy and money in their daily lives. One example shows that nearly 80 percent of the energy used in the typical load of laundry comes from heating the water for the washing machine. Using cold water, and a Future Friendly-logo product like Tide Coldwater, individuals can save that energy and cut their home energy bills. And that is green washing.


The Green Cup The Green Cup
The Brazilian President Lula, upon unveiling 2014 World Cup Logo, stated that the games will be dedicated to the environment: "We will make a green World Cup, green as our forests. Environmental sustainability will be a trademark of Brazil and the next World Cup. We want to leave a legacy to improve the quality of life of our people. We are sure that we will charm the world, like South Africa charmed us this year."

Building A Future
The 11th Annual National Design Awards will present the U.S. Green Building Council with its Corporate and Institutional Achievement Award. This recognizes an organization that uses design as a strategic tool of its mission and helps to advance the relationship between design and quality of life. The Council is best known for its LEED green-building certification program. October 14 is the date of the gala program sponsored by Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Museum of Design. All the design winners are at...

UPS Green Label UPS Green Label
Companies that meet UPS standards can now ship their goods with a label that attests to their "greenness." Called the Eco Responsible Packaging Program, UPS evaluates a customer's shipment pakcaging processes on three levels — damage prevention, right-sizing, and packaging materials — and authorizes the UPS logo use when approved. The company uses the Sustainable Packaging Coalition Compass software in its new program to evaluate the life cycle impacts of package design.


This special Dimensional Digital Print Cover contest invites creatives to design a printed insert that will double as the September cover of GDUSA magazine. Winners will be selected on overall visual appearance, tactile effectiveness and integration of the easy-to-use Kodak NexPress Dimensional Printing System. Entry is free, its easy, and their is tons of exposure for the winning designer. For an entry form, contact...


For Everyone For Everyone
Residents throughout Texas appear in an advertising campaign for Green Mountain Energy Company. The company is the longest serving green power marketer in the U.S. The new campaign, "For Everyone", features eight actual customers from the Dallas and Houston, as well as the smaller community of Eagle Pass. The integrated program consists of tv, radio, billboard and web ads in both English and Spanish.

Advertising War
CNN and MSNBC are high among the beneficiaries of a Gulf oil spill advertising war of words. Clean Energy Works, a coalition of about 60 groups, launched an ad campaign that seeks to tar the oil industry with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The effort comes two days after the start of a robust campaign from the oil industry trade group American Petroleum Institute, which is funding spots that protest the possible loss of jobs that will result from overtaxation. and

Living Exhibit Living Exhibit
For the Los Angeles Auto Show, Yokohama Tire told exhibit house Czarnowski that it wanted to create a living wall for its exhibit. Combining NatureXhibits, the firms a stunning, green, 110-by-8-foot wall consisting of 9 million seeds sprouting from an 880-square-foot vertical plant bed.


As the name implies, The Living Principles are meant to be an ever-evolving framework and an open-source repository of best practices, tools, stories and conversations developed collaboratively. We look forward to co-creating future iterations with the partners and individuals engaged in this pan-disciplinary community as our conversations and knowledge mature.

— Gaby Brink on the ethos of The Living Principles sustainability website


Starbucks BYOC Starbucks BYOC
Bring your own cup. This concept was the big winner of a competition sponsored by Starbucks to gather ideas for reducing non-recyclable paper cup. The idea, using an instore chalkboard, would encourage customers to bring their own cups for possible free drinks. The three honorable mentions are also ideas that encourage customer reuse, but one did includes a rice-based reusable cup, and the five "community picks" are a mix of biodegradable, recyclable and collapsible cups.

Unisource Honors Three
Three suppliers were recently honored as winners of the first Unisource Worldwide Supplier Sustainability Awards. The companies received their awards at Unisource's second Supplier Sustainability Symposium held this May in Atlanta, GA. The companies are: Domtar Corporation (Paper Category), 3M (Packaging Category) and Diversey (Supplies Category. "These awards were presented to our top suppliers for their recent environmental accomplishments and best practices for supply chain management," said Unisource's Vice President of Sustainability Nancy C. Geisler.

Oil and Water Don't Mix Oil and Water Don't Mix
BDesigner Susan Newman was so devastated about the BP oil spill disaster, she created five t-shirts to express her feelings and raise money for Gulf victims. All proceeds go to the National Audubon Society.


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