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Here is a not-so-fun fact. More than 60 percent of inhouse designers believe they have a better chance for career growth if they leave their company. This from our annual survey of inhouse designers executed in conjunction with The Creative Group. The upshot: once the economy perks up, there will be some serious job hopping going on. Considering the dislocation and expense all this movement will entail, there must be a better way. One solution suggested in the upcoming July magazine: managers should manage careers not just projects. There will always be backbiting and turnover in the workplace — think General McChrystal — but six-in-ten believing in greener pastures seems too high.

— Gordon Kaye


Leading graphic designers such as Milton Glaser, Ralph Steadman, Massimo Vignelli and Seymour Chwast, have created posters in support of the Green Movement in Iran. They will be on display in a world-premiere exhibition, "Where Is My Vote?", at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan August 30 to September 25. The exhibition showcases, once again, the power of design to inspire social change. Many of the 125 posters were displayed by dissidents at demonstrations to protest Iran's 2009 stolen election and the subsequent crackdown. Shown here: contributions by Yomar Augusto, Anita Kunz, and Marty Pedersen.

Dimensional Digital Print Cover

This special Dimensional Digital Print Cover contest is presented by GDUSA and sponsored by Kodak. Creatives are invited to design a printed insert that doubles as the September cover of GDUSA magazine. Winners will be selected on overall visual appearance, tactile effectiveness and integration of the easy-todesign- for the Kodak NexPress Dimensional Printing System. Entry is free, its easy, and their is tons of exposure for the winning designer. For an entry form, contact...


Doyle's Night At The Museum
Stephen Doyle will receive the 2010 National Design Award for Communication Design given annually by the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum for exceptional work in graphic design. The jury wrote of Doyle's "unique ability to give words a deeper meaning in graphic form results in an intelligent, provocative body of work." The award will be presented October 14 at a Cooper-Hewitt gala.

Crunch Time Crunch Time
When Crunch Gym decided to celebrate its 21st birthday, they engaged creative services agency, IdeaWork Studios to set up their microsite for a three month long online party. IdeaWork knew the only way to celebrate 21 years of sets, grunts, and rock n' roll was to develop a site that was as awesome as the occasion itself.

Gehshan and Cloud Honored
Virginia Gehshan and Jerome Cloud, partners in Philadelphia's Cloud Gehshan Associates, have been named the 2010 SEGD Fellows, environmental graphic design's highest professional honor. They join the ranks of EGD laureates Massimo Vignelli, David Gibson, Deborah Sussman, and others. "Theirs is a humanistic approach to design," notes last year's Fellow David Gibson.


BRIDGEMAN Bridgeman now represents Beatrice Coron, an artist whose cut paper technique is simply amazing. Recently she was part of an exhibition on cut paper at the Museum of Art and Design, and one of her works is part of the MTA's Arts in Transit program. You can catch her work, shown here, on many of NYC's subway lines. Read more about Beatrice Coron's work.

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Also check out the Bridgeman Buzz for July: Caravaggio's 400th, a look back at Entartete Kunst with new photography of the 1937 Nazi exhibition and art of the American and French Revolutions.
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Moss Grows in LA
AIGA/Los Angeles has named Jimmy Moss, professor at Cal State Los Angeles as the new board president. A RISD and Yale Art School graduate, teaches design and chairs the Graphic Design/Visual Communications Option. He is joined by VP Melanie Paykos of Brand: Two West who has been a contributing member of the AIGA as a panel participant, studio tour host, reviewer of portfolio day and more. Moss and Paykos will served through 2012.

Epic Race Epic Race
Zoic Studios has helped Versus promote the cable sports network's tenth year of Tour de France coverage under the banner "The Most Epic Race Ever." The key directive, as envisioned by the client's VP of Creative Serivces, Tripp Dixon, was to highlight the inherit drama and heroic aspect of the race. Derich Wittliff was Creative Director at Zoic and was joined by Allen Donhauser in the design.

Landa's Solutions
Professor of design at Kean University in New Jersey, Robin Landa is back with the fourth edition of Graphic Design Solutions (Wadsworth/Cengage). The book continues to serve as a foundation for graphic and advertising design education, covering theory and application and drawing on successful campaigns to help show the tools necessary to create successful designs. Landa is among those the Carnegie Foundation has called the "great teachers of our time."


GDUSA has teamed up with Veer to offer creative professionals the most fun and interesting merchandise available. Current offerings include the following items and much, much more.

Veer 1. Kern Zip-Up.
Next time you have to explain kerning to a layman, you'll have a live demo just a zip away. The soft navy blue fleece on this fitted lightweight jogging jacket won't pill.

Veer 2. Helvetica Coffee Mug.
Coffee, like Helvetica, is an acquired taste. To satisfy both habits, this white ceramic mug features four weights of the timeless font and a sensibly squared handle.

Veer 3. FPO T-Shirt.
Is it "for position only" or "for placement only?" Either way, your design peers will know where you're coming from when you don this 100% cotton American Apparel T-shirt.

Veer provides visual elements for use in professional creative work, such as graphic design, motion design, advertising and filmmaking. Products include stock photography, illustration, typefaces, and unique merchandise.


California Dreaming
California is considering electronic license plates for vehicles that could carry digital advertising. The move is intended as a moneymaker to help close the $19 billion deficit. The device would mimic a standard license plate when the vehicle is in motion but switch to ads or other messages when it is stopped in traffic or at a red light. The plate number would remain visible at all times.

More For Microsoft Office More For Microsoft Office
Hornall Anderson has designed the global brand packaging for the Microsoft Office 2010 line of products. In addition to product packaging for the software aisle, the firm was also tasked to design the messaging and packaging for a new method of installation called Office 2010 Product Key Cards (sans disc) which, when purchased, are used to activate Office 2010 software sold pre-loaded on PC computers.

Escaping Booby Traps
The Best for Babes Foundation has released a new breastfeeding insert in USA Today's Los Angeles, Chicago and New York editions. The Best for Babes Foundation was established in 2007 to fight the barriers to breastfeeding, and to give breastfeeding a makeover by using mainstream marketing and branding. Frank About Women, a women-to-women agency, created the ad, which reached 2.2 million readers. The term "booby traps," by the way, is theirs not ours. See it at...


If you're like most creative professionals, you have plenty on your plate these days - and we're not talking food here. But no matter how busy you are, it's important to take a mid-day break to refuel, both body and mind. Following are five tips to help you enjoy a much-deserved lunch break:

1. Plan Your Day. Schedule your break to fall between projects, if possible, and set morning deadlines for important tasks so you can relax over lunch.

2. Schedule A Meal With Colleagues. During a busy period, change a team meeting to a working lunch outside the office. The time away will improve your energy while maintaining productivity.

3. Book An Appointment. Block off your online calendar so coworkers don't schedule calls or meetings during that time. Be flexible, though, if there are no other options.

4. Step Away From Your Desk. If you are unable to leave the office for lunch, take a walk around the building. If possible, eat in the lunch room or break area.

5. Put Work Aside. If you have to be near your computer or phone, face your chair away and do non-work activities, such as reading a magazine or newspaper.

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