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Somewhere along the way this decade, the conversation about environmentally friendly print and paper shifted dramatically from a singleminded focus on recycled content to broader issues of sustainability and stewardship. Never has this been clearer to me than in analyzing the results of our 47th annual print design survey, which will be published in June. When asked what environmental factors influence a paper specification, GDUSA readers ranked "Recycled Content" as number one. But second was a "Mill's Green Reputation." And grouped right after that, rounding out the top five factors, are use of clean energy, third party certification by the likes of FSC and SFI, and carbon neutrality. Add in the survey finding that "sustainability as a design factor" is on a steep rise in connection with client projects and campaigns, and a picture emerges of a creative community that has become holistic — as in emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts — in its perspective toward "green" print.

— Gordon Kaye


Pentagram Applies Itself
How much energy do you save if you remember to turn off the lights when leaving a room, and how much do you waste by leaving the computer on over night? For GE, Lisa Strausfeld and her team have designed a graphic visualization that calculates energy use of home appliances in terms. The calculator tracks the energy consumption of dozens of electrically-powered devices, from laptops to DVR's to refrigerators to hair dryers. It allows users to clearly see the energy consumption for each appliance in terms of watts used and dollars spent. It also allows users to convert the energy to equivalent consumption in gallons of gasoline. This is part of undertaking by GE to transform data about energy and health related issues into meaningful information for consumers. The energy use calculator was launched on Earth Day via GE's Healthymagination and Ecomagination websites.

In The Glare
The Martin Group of Richmond VA has created a national environmental advertising campaign, titled "For Future Generations," for Hanes. The ad, airing all Spring, takes a lighthearted approach to the brand's environmental responsibility efforts, including eco-friendly products. It features a man wearing eco-friendly Hanes products while shopping. The viewer quickly learns that he is doing his small part to keep the planet green for future generations. His friend, not wearing Hanes products, is victim of disapproving glares from children in the mall. In conjunction, a consumer website provides information about the brand's environmental responsibility effort and replays the "Future Generations" ad for visitors.

Earth Friendly Quiz
An event-based and online campaign invites Burt's Bees users to "Find Your Burt." It is built around the likeness of Maine beekeeper Burt Shavitz, with creative developed by Baldwin& of Durham NC. Free smoothies and yoga mark the events portion, while the online microsite portion quizzes viewers on their earth-friendliness. Each answer makes your live image (via your computer camera) more—or less—"Burty." Creative directors are David Baldwin and Bob Ranew. The company makes earth-friendly, natural personal care products.


GDUSA's American Graphic Design Awards, our annual graphic design competition. It is our flagship awards program, four decades old and open to everyone int he community.
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Bike Sharing Rolls Out
Denver's bike sharing initiative, B-Cycle, was rolled out on Earth Day. The bike-sharing program, developed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Trek Bicycles and Humana, includes 500 B-Cycles at 50 B-stations available throughout the city as an alternative to cars for short trips. Each bike is outfitted with computers that track mileage, calories burned and amount of carbon offset. Users register at the B-Cycle website to check out bikes. There, they can montior their own fitness and see their contributions to the city's greening efforts. The newly formed nonprofit Denver Bike Sharing will manage the program.

Five Innovators Honored
WhatTheyThink, a leading news and information site for the print industry, has announced the winners of the WhatTheyThink Environmental Innovation Awards, given in partnership with Unisource Worldwide and the Unisource respect Printers' Program.This year's awards were co-sponsored by Heidelberg USA, Neenah Paper and NewPage Corporation. The Environmental Innovation Awards recognize companies that are making real and concrete contributions to innovation, implementation, and communication of environmental solutions. The 2010 Environmental Innovation Awards winners are: Brown Printing Company, NY NY; Portland Color, Portland ME; Patient News Publishing, Haliburton ON; Green Books and Binders, Langhorne PA; and Earth Color, Parsippany NJ.

Deforest To Reforest
Philips is back with an update to its much-lauded "Shave Everywhere" work for its Bodygroom razor. TribalDDB got a lot of kudos for its 2006 introduction of the product, a very fun site that introduced the concept of shaving "down there" into the mainstream. Tribal followed up with a crop of "manalogues" in 2008. Philips is back with a new take, although it's not from Tribal. Promo shop Alcone Marketing Group is behind the "Deforest yourself. Reforest the world" campaign, which tries to enliven the idea by linking personal hedge-trimming with adding greenery back to the planet. Philips will plant one tree for each Bodygroom sold through the end of June, up to 75,000. The centerpiece is a Web app that lets you customize a furry avatar for use as a Twitter or Facebook profile picture or desktop wallpaper. It's somewhat like what Deep Focus did on "Mad Men Yourself." The question is when this genre, which hearkens back to "Elf Yourself" and "Simpsonize Me," begins to get tired.


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Fries With That?
"Take-Less" is an eco-art installation made out of plastic take-out food containers, designed by MSLK graphic design agency. As the popularity of take-out meals increases, so does its waste. MSLK makes the point with the number "2629" out of plastic take-out containers to demonstrate the number of take-out meals consumed in the US each second. "Takeless" will be displayed at the Figment Art Festival on Governors Island in New York City from June 11-13. This is the third installation by MSLK focusing on one second of consumption of single-use plastic in the US.

Green My Trip
Travel is undergoing a profound shift, according to a study by ad agency Euro RSCG Worldwide. Analyzing the findings of its study of 2,357 adults in the U.S., France, and the U.K., Euro RSCG contends that changes in consumer consciousness are making people less obsessed with personal indulgence, and want to align their travel experiences with their personal goals and values. Thus, travel brands who want to succeed must, among other things, accept and embrace "green" as the standard way of doing business, and offer products and services that satisfy the desire to live more mindfully.

The Hop
The city of Hoboken has reinstated the crosstown bus renamed it "The Hop." Susan Newman has designed color coordinated logos for all three routes. The city has also purchased electric cars, and she has created a new logo for the Hoboken Parking Utility, which will be on the vehicles soon. To read more about the transportation department's efforts and their special thanks to Susan Newman Design, Inc...


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Environmental Factors In Paper Spec

Recycled Content
Mill's Green Reputation
Clean Energy/WIndpower
Third Party Certification
Carbon Neutrality

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More 52 Percent
Less 5 Percent
Same 43 Percent

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