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"Behavioral placement" is all the rage on television and it is being put to good use promoting the greening of America. On all networks, but especially NBC, there are green-themed weeks, characters recycling, reducing their carbon footprints, and eating organic food. Media experts say that "behavioral placements" drive ad sales by inserting feel-good themes into scripts with which advertisers and brands wish to be associated. More subtle than product placements, the tactic is also intended to be socially positive, swaying viewers to adopt actions they see modeled in their favorite shows and to mimic a beloved character. (Remember how salons overflowed when Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends got a haircut?) If mimicry helps lead to a cleaner, greener world (Tina Fey recycles on 30 Rock and the Glee kids are anti-litter!) that’s all well and good. Better than good. In this case. But here is a question that gives pause: Should any powerful person or group be deciding what constitutes the next socially desirable behavior and how the rest of us should be modelled? I worked for NBC and they are as accountable to the public as Goldman Sachs.

— Gordon Kaye


odgis Golden Egg
Designed by Odgis + Company, this WP Carey annual report celebrates a smart and resourceful investment company that has succeeded in this difficult business environment. The golden egg is said to "provide income generation for generations of investors." Janet Odgis notes that the image must be seen in print to fully understand the multifaceted effect resulting from 3 diffrerent UV coatings — a soft touch coating ot the background, a gloss UV offline, and an eggshell textured UV to the egg itself.

Bohemian Comeback
The Pernod Ricard Absinthe brand, once a symbol of European bohemian culture, has been relaunched on a website designed by Hanson Design. The site showcases the history, artwork, rituals and recipes surrounding the liquor, once banned as dangerously addictive. Hanson tapped the vast company archives of art, advertising and literature. Gil Hanson headed the creative effort; Brian Eckerd is brand manager. Among devotees of the drink were writers (Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway), poets (Arthur Rimbaud, Baudelaire) and artists including Toulouse-Lautrec (he carried a custom-made cane that hid a glass and vial), Manet, Picasso and Van Gogh.

preakness Preak Out
The Maryland Jockey Club livens up the Preakness Stakes with a suggestive "Get your Preak On" advertising campaign. A sorority is one locale, a gym another, and a nursing home a third. The suggestive slogan appeared on billboards and bus stops across the city, and was featured on tv, radio stations and online. Washington DC-based ad agency Elevation says ticket sales rose and hits on the website, which allowed visitors to make their own Preak-y poster, increased. Mike Marting is Elevation's creative director.


For the In-HOWse Designer Conference June 6-8 at the Hyatt Regency Denver! It’s a unique chance to connect with your peers at inhouse design departments. At the In-HOWse Designer Conference you'll meet hundreds of other managers who completely understand your day-to-day challenges and frustrations. As a bonus, this year you'll also get to meet and network with thousands of other designers at the HOW Design Conference and Creative Freelancer Conference. It’s an exceptional week of design and creative community building!
In-HOWse Designer Conference


lipton Aligning The Pyramids
The popularity of specialty tea is on the rise, expected to reach $15 billion in sales by 2012, due to its purported health benefits of tea drinking. To align Lipton with upscale, gourmet tea products, Moxie™, re-energized the packaging for the line of premium pyramid tea bags. Vibrant colors, photography rather than illustrations, and flavor imagery help fulfill the tea’s promise, says Moxie™ head Tammy Vaserstein. The design team retained Lipton’s familiar red brandmark and signature color of premium yellow, which was lightened to a champagne-like hue, alluding to a heightened sense of elegance and quality. Lucia Varela is brand manager at Lipton.

Pilloton, Sagmeister Headline
Stefan Sagmeister and Project H founder Emily Pilloton, are among the headline speakers for SEGD’s Annual Conference + Expo, June 2-5 in Washington D.C. "Designing for Change/Changing Design" is the theme of the 2010 conference, headquartered at the Gaylord National Hotel & Resort near D.C. The conference will explore how design can be used as an agent for positive change. Cybelle Jones, creative director/senior associate with Gallagher & Associates and 2010 conference chair.

ny NY State Of Mind
The New York marketplace breeds it own type of shoppers and retailer Duane Reade, with more than 250 locations in the city, turned to CBX to help further develop its position and product offering for New Yorkers. According to Todd Maute, Managing Partner at the branding company, the goal was to bring to life the brand’s new "New York Living Made Easy" positioning. First CBX provided input into the private brand architecture, and designed its private label brand imagery and packaging systems. Then they revamped the loyalty card brand image and collateral material, and added an edgy publication, the Duane Reader. Among the new products: DR Delish premium foods, Apt. 5 cleaning products, and a value line with iconic, UPC-style illustrations of local landmarks.


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b-cycle Bike Sharing Rolls Out
Crispin Porter + Bogusky is the creative thrust behind Denver’s new bike sharing initiative, B-Cycle, was rolled out on Earth Day. The bike-sharing program, developed by the legendary ad agency in collaboration with Trek Bicycles and Humana, includes 500 B-Cycles at 50 B-stations available throughout the city as an alternative to cars for short trips. Each bike is outfitted with computers that track mileage, calories burned and amount of carbon offset. Users register at the B-Cycle website to check out bikes. There, they can montior their own fitness and see their contributions to the city's greening efforts. The newly formed nonprofit Denver Bike Sharing will manage the program.

Signage Sourcebook
Signage Systems & Graphic Information Graphics is subtitled "A Professional Sourcebook" and it is a robust one. The resource showcasees myriad successful examples of sign design worldwide, from museums and schools to transportation systems, and author Andreas Uebele explores signage as a point where graphic design and architecture come together. Uebele is a designer and teaches at Dusseldorf University. Thames & Hudson is the publisher, and W.W. Norton the U.S. distributor.

admongo No Demons
The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection has created a website called Admongo that aims to teach kids how to read advertisements with a more critical eye. The site was created by marketing agency Fleishman-Hillard. The way it works: you select a character and play some games that edu-tain you about advertising by using fake brands like Choco Crunch'n Good cereal and Cleanology acne medication. Industry groups have no complaints, apparently, because the site is deemed not to "demonize advertising."


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beer Collage Celebrates Anniversary
British Columbia’s most widely-distributed craft beer brand, Okanagan Spring Brewery, celebrates 25 years with the release of its latest creation, "25th Anniversary Hopped Lager." Partnering again with Vancouver’s Subplot Design, the packaging features a collage of over 70 different photos from Okanagan Spring’s history, including employees, original packaging and trademarks, events and moments which formed who they are today. Subplot had completed a complete brand overhaul two years ago.

Mobile Electorate
Pratt Manhattan Gallery is encouraging participation in the 2010 election process by presenting a public art competition to design mobile voter registration centers that will tour NYC in the fall. The competition is the first of its kind; it has a deadline of June 15 with winning entries selected July 5. All submissions will be displayed in a gallery exhibition from August 31 through September 7. Winners will be selected by Nick Battis, Pratt director of exhibitions; Eleanor Heartney, arts writer, curator, and cultural critic; Larry Litt, writer, performer, and producer; and Robert Storr, dean of the Yale School of Art.

united Skies Not Friendly To Saul Bass
The merger of United Airlines with Continental has many ramifications. One of them is that the company will kill the "U’ logo designed by the legendary Saul Bass. It is expected that, though the name will be United, the graphics will be based on Continental’s typography and symbol. (Thanks to Frank C. Briggs for the heads up.)


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