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ebay Online marketplace eBay has started a new green shopping hub. The theme of eBay's advertising in support of the initiative, running in all 15 Hearst magazines (that includes Oprah, Esquire, Redbook and Cosmo) is that reusing and recycling products is the ultimate green. To stress its point about the value of reusing consumer goods, eBay asked Cooler, Inc., which calculates carbon footprints, to develop some comparisons between recycled or reused items and the carbon cost of their new production. Among the findings: choosing a previously-owned leather handbag rather than a new one saves as much energy as a flight from London to Paris; a pre-owned watch equals more than a month of refrigerator use; a used expresso maker saves 90% of the CO2 needed to manufacture a new one; and used leather shoes saves more energy than an average household uses in a day. Buying used as equivalent to, or better than, conservation and recycling? Passes the greenwashing laugh test, for sure, especially since there are “save the rainforest” and “eco-lifestyle pledge” components to the program as well. But beyond that, does the concept have environmental meaning or is it just an excuse for eBay addicts to feel better about themselves .. or both?

— Gordon Kaye


“Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty. The objective is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human being and all living creatures.”

— U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, founder of Earth Day, April 22, 1970 Earth Day speech

“I want you to take action - in your home or your community; at your school or your business - to improve our environment. It can be as simple as riding the bus or the subway to work, making your home more energy efficient, or organizing your neighbors to clean up a nearby park... In the end, it's people like you - the small business owners and community leaders; the teachers and the students; the young people and the grandparents - who have made Earth Day so successful. And it's going to be up to you to make an even bigger difference over the next 40 years.”

— President Barack Obama, 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, 2010

“We are at a pivotal moment in history; environmentally concerned citizens and courageous elected leaders have helped us make great strides for the planet over last 40 years. Climate change has put our planet in greater peril than ever, but it also provides us with a great opportunity to build a green economy and a healthy world for ourselves and for our children.”

— Denis Hayes, 40th Anniversary of Earth Day 2010 Chairman and Original Earth Day Organizer


duffy Duffy Drinks In Change
A rebranding campaign on behalf of Water For People features the tagline, “The Current of Change.” The Denver-based international development organization supports truly sustainable safe drinking water and sanitation projects in developing countries. To that end, the campaign calls for basic change in how the sector operates, focusing on greater grassroots ownership and responsibility for the systems.tems put in place. This approach leads to true sustainability. Water for People engaged renowned branding firm Duffy & Partners to assist in crafting a brand image. “This was an exciting assignment,” says creative directro Joe Duffy. “It was a fabulous opportunity to deliver our mission of creating design to enrich everyday life...”

Easy Being Green
Staples, identified with the Easy Button, is in the midst of a global design contest to discover eco-friendly office products. The inaugural Staples Global EcoEasy Challenge, a partnership with the RIT, is down to seven finalists representing student teams from five universities. Three of the finalist teams are from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (power-conserving desk chairs and shredders), from Brazil's Engineering of Piracicaba (desk and drawer organization tools made out of a local, sustainable material) while teams from Europe (better binders and pens) and Cal Berkeley (what else but a redesigned stapler.) We'll have the winner in the next GDUSA Green Enews.

philadelphia Poetic Cleanup
The City of Philadelphia Recycling Office's largest-ever anti-litter campaign consists solely of the spoken word compositions and performances of five Philly street poets, each accompanied by either congas, acoustic bass, or saxophone. The campaign is the work of advertising agency LevLane, and is part of a city-wide neighborhood improvement initiative by Mayor Michael Nutter. The poetry performances were chosen for power, not prettiness. The campaign's ad media executions of television ads and transit posters. It also includes street poetry events, Facebook and Twitter presences, signage-designated “Litter Free School Zones,” and block-by-block community mobilization drives. Credits include CCO Bruce Lev, CD Deb Racano, Executrive AD Lori Miller, Copywriter Jerry Selber, Print Production Anna Taylor.


agfa Agfa's GreenWorks Environmental Recognition Award Program has honored its 150th printer. Launched in 2007 as a part of Agfa's global environmental initiatives, GreenWorks recognizes printers that integrate, support and promote environmentally sound practices in their facilities. Recent recipients of the GreenWorks Environmental Recognition award include: Allegra Print and Imaging (Abbotsford, BC, Canada), Coastal Printing & Graphics (Shallotte NC), Curtis Packaging (Sandy Hook CT), Rose Printing (Oriccia, ON, Canada) and Worth Higgins and Associates, Inc (Manassas VA). “The demand for greener technologies within the marketplace continues to grow. Agfa is proud to be at the forefront in the development of green printing technologies," said Deborah Hutcheson, Director of Marketing, Agfa Graphics. “At Agfa, we believe high-quality printing can be accomplished in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. Today, printing technologies that help printers eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve efficiencies just makes good business sense.”packaging materials. More information Greenworks and a list of printers can be found at...


mohawk In The Loop
Mohawk Loop, described as “the world's most comprehensive line of recycled and environmentally preferable papers,” has been introduced by Mohawk Fine Papers. Made with renewable energy and post-consumer fiber, the papers offer an environmental pedigree without sacrificing quality, variety or performance. The line also includes a new coated Mohawk Silk with 50% pcw. Mohawk Loop merges the best of Mohawk Synergy, Mohawk Genesis, Mohawk Passport, and Mohawk Proterra with brand new shades and finishes to create a powerful grade line for responsible design.

Green Graduations
Environmental friendliness is in style, and many colleges and universities are switching to green graduation gowns.The gowns are biodegradable and/or made from recycled materials. Even the zippers are made of recycled plastic rather than metal and, according to one manufacturerthe packaging is also recycled. Harper College, a state college in New York, for example, has purchased from Josten's The Elements Collection, made from natural fibers that biodegrade underground within a year. Graduates of Hamilton College, also in New York, will sport “comfortable 'greenweaver' regalia” made from recycled plastic bottles. Each gown is made from about 23 plastic bottles that might otherwise have landed in a landfill.

earthchoice Sea Life Differently
Earth Choice cleaning products uses imagery of abused aquatic life to drive home the point that it's products are eco-friendly and do not harm sea and animal life. Advertisements by Australian ad shop CHE use rubber models and computer graphics to show people scrubbing the floor with a live-octopus mop head; doing the dishes with a starfish sponge; unclogging the toilet with a duck; wiping down the shower door with a manta ray. The director is Ben Saunders.


Tomorrow (April 30) is the deadline for the GDUSA's annual American Web Design Awards. Winners will be recognized in our widely distributed May magazine and enewsletter, and winning pieces will be show visually and with full creative credits in our 2010 Online Design Annual for all of 2010. To download an entry form, please visit...


canada Oh Canada
A promotional campaign for Idle Free Calgary, which urges drivers not to keep their engines running while they idle, accuses such people of metaphorically degrading the planet. The city is among the highest CO2 emitters in the country. Imagery is not metaphorical, but literal, uses the imagery of men urinating with a voiceover which states “When we idle our vehicles, we're basically saying, 'Piss on the planet.” It could have been worse. Calgary's Joe Media Group is the production company.

Grounded In Science
Sappi Fine Paper North America has launched its new eQ Tool, an interactive web-based tool that allows designers to explore a full range of factors behind choosing a sustainable paper. Sappi worked with IDEO, a global design and innovative consultancy, to develop this new tool, which provides reliable, accurate information that is grounded in science. The new eQ Tool lets you explore such topics asGreenhouse Gas Emissions, Renewable Energy, Managing Process to Minimize Waste, Carbon Offsets, Sustainably-Harvested Wood, Initiatives for Sustainability and Recycled Fiber. The eQ Tool also provides merchants, printers, designers, publishers and more with the ability to generate a customized product statement that summarizes the environmental benefits of choosing a Sappi paper for a job.

ranger Respect Mother Nature
Playing off the true story of American park ranger Roy Sullivan, who was struck by lightning half a dozen times, Tetra Pak says that Sullivan may have a reason to hold a grudge against Mother Nature. But the rest of us do not, and should use Tetra Pak, an eco-friendly low carbon footprint milk and juice carton manufacturer. The agency for this ad is South African shop Lowe Bull.


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Seven Takeaway Tips

Buck false choice of cost vs. greening

Focus on risks of not going green

Make sure claims are truthful and accurate

Stop just making unnecessary stuff

Consider entire impact of various media

Emphasize emotional lift from branding green

Reach client in place they understand

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