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Washington has had an epiphany: jobs matter and entrepreneurs are vital to creating jobs. But the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York has already been ahead of that curve with carefully laid plans for a professional, non-degree program in Sustainable Design Entrepreneurship. The first program of its kind in the country, FIT recognizes that designers and entrepreneurs have the ability to drive change: designers through system and product design that influences behavior, as well as environmentally friendly material selection and sourcing; and entrepreneurs through innovation, job creation and growth. Student can elect an area of concentration — Sustainable Graphics/Packaging, Sustainable Fashion Design and Sustainable Interior Design — and study with faculty drawn from a variety of talented sustainability experts and FIT instructors. The program's advisory board includes the likes of Joel Makower, Beto Lopez, and Holly Henderson. Christine Helm is Program Coordinator and Jane Tabachnick is Program Consultant. Too bad FIT doesn't have expertise in healthcare, or we might make some progress on that issue as well.

— Gordon Kaye


I could not believe that bottled water was featured as an example of green design in the January 2010 Green Design Newsletter. You've got to be kidding right? Is there any single product that you could show that is less green than that? Nothing exemplifies the crimes against our planet better than this product, no matter how is it “designed.”

— Susan Westhoff, Director of Marketing, Christopher Place Senior Communities, Ann Arbor MI


Coke Zero
coke Coke's presence at the Vancouver Olympic Games is zero-waste and carbon-neutral. This is thought to be the first corporate sponsorship of its kind. Café furniture made from pine-beetle-salvaged wood, bottles made from 30% plant-based materials, and beverages delivered via hybrid vehicles and electric cart are among the elements. The effort has been years in the making, say Coca-Cola officials, beginning with a relatively simple recycling effort for the Athens Olympic Games in 2000. Since then the company has layered in additional steps, like environmentally friendly coolers and shirts made of plastic bottles.

Big Move To Green Messaging
Businesses are finding marketing and advertising advantages in green messages. In fact, 82 percent of respondents in a new survey say they planned to include more green messaging in their marketing, according to the report, “Green Marketing: What Works & What Doesn't - A Marketing Study of Practitioners.” Similarly, three quarters of respondents use the internet to disseminate green messages, the most popular medium, followed by half who utilize print. Survey sponsors are the Environmental Leader and several marketing trade publications including MarketingCharts, MarketingVOX and MediaBuyerPlanner.


airstream The Design Revolution Road Show is a traveling exhibition and lecture series bringing “product design that empowers” to 25 high schools and university design programs across the nation in the Spring of 2010. A Project H Design initiative, the road show will feature an Airstream trailer exhibition of 40 humanitarian design solutions that have been showcased in the book Design Revolution: 100 Products that Empower People. The programming will bring the evidence of and tools for design for social impact to the doorsteps of students, with the ultimate goal emilyof enabling and empowering the next generation of creative problem-solvers to apply their skills to the world's most pressing problems, including sustainability, and improve life on a global scale. The event launched last week in San Francisco at the Academy of Art University. “We believe design can change the world, and we're taking the show on the road,” say Project H founder Emily Pilloton (shown here) and project manager Matthew Miller, who will be behind the wheel for the duration of the tour. The Adobe Foundation, Sappi Paper, and C2 LLC (Creative Capital) are providing financial support.


Sustainable Branding
The leading brands of the future will be sustainable brands. At least that is the premise of this summer's Sustainable Brands '10, a three day event planned for June 7-10 in Monterey CA. Entitled “The Power of And,” the program is said to focus on a new kind of thinking, a new group of collaborators, and a new set of tools. Attendees expected already include representatives from Ben & Jerry's, Hewlett Packard, HSBC, Starbucks, IDEO, Johnson & Johnson, Mattel, UPS, Kaiser Permanente, Coca-Cola, Method, Nestle, Pfizer, Toyota, and Unilever. Early sponsors include Dell, SAP, Domtar, Fast Company,, Citizen and Cohn & Wolfe.

It's Good For You
greens AIGA Charlotte has launched a series of events, “Eat Your Greens,” to help designers and clients take a more environmentally-sustainable approach to their businesses. “It's basically to start conversations about how to get sustainable paper, ink, printers, packaging, manufacturing, distribution, and shipping,” says Member Director Rachel Martin. The first event in January sold out quickly. April is next up. In addition to helping designers make their own businesses more sustainable, future “Eat Your Greens” events will focus on approaching clients about adopting similar practices.


Neenah Paper FSC Webinar - February 23
A free webinar hosted by Neenah Paper on what FSC Certification means to designers, printers and their clients.

Graphics of the Americas - February 25-27
More educational sessions and bonus opportunities than ever to help graphics professionals stay ahead of the industry curve at the 35th anniversary show in Miami.

Surtex Show - May 16-18
SURTEX is packed with the latest trend-on artwork, designers and licensors from around the world. A chance to license your art and design. At the Javits Center in NYC.


Think Global Buy (Design) Local
urbanforest Toledo is the latest city to participate in the Urban Forest Project. Local artists and Bowling Green State University graphic design instructors Jenn Stucker and Amy Fidler helped bring the project — which will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in April with 50 banners created by area designers — to life. Each banner uses the tree to give artistic expression to the idea of the environment. “Cities such as Baltimore, Denver, San Francisco and Albuquerque have participated in this project since it originated in Times Square, New York in 2006,” Stucker said. “It's huge that Toledo will now be among these cities.” She notes that it has become common for local businesses to purchase graphic design from artists in major cities, rather than from local talent. She hopes the project will remind Toledo companies of the talent right in northwest Ohio.

Communicate Better
Consumers have an appetite for more green products, but the demand is being undercut by a shakey economy. This according to the latest quarterly update from the Green Confidence Index. A partnership of, Earthsense, and Survey Sampling International, the index is at 102; 100 is the baseline. The goal is to measure Americans' confidence in how leaders and institutions are addressing environmental issues, the adequacy of information to make informed decisions, and green product purchasing. According to Chief Research Officer Amy Hebard of Earthsense, “Consumers cite perceived price premiums for green as their most frequent reason for choosing conventional over green products.” Hebard says that to overcome this — now hear this, marketers and designers — sellers need to create “more effective communications that leverage the power of the retail experience or get inside the consumers' head to understand which drivers are relevant to whom.” Other ideas: reduce prices, demonstrate comparability to conventional products and leverage the buying power of consumer groups. The Index is a subscription-based service.


AIDA American Inhouse Design Awards is the premier showcase and recognition program for outstanding work by inhouse design / marketing / communications departments. The deadline for entries is March 18. You can request a printed from by emailing Or you can download an entry form immediately at...


A Holistic Process
Wendy Jedlicka's book, Sustainable Graphic Design: Tools, Systems and Strategies for Innovative Print Design, is accurately dubbed a “the graphic artist's guide to sustainable design.” The author's goal is to help designers view graphic design as a holistic process. It is a big picture approach to design seen from the viewpoints of the audience, the creative vendor, their suppliers, and society as a whole. Chapters are written by a wide range of sustainable design pioneers and practitioners — including graphic designers, creative managers, marketing consultants, environmentalists, researchers, and psychologists — providing critical information on materials and processes. Case studies illustrate and tie concepts together.

Radiating Ripples
clearwater LaRocca Branding & Advertising has designed a logo for Pete Seeger's brainchild, Clearwater, the Hudson Valley's pioneering environmental organization leading the clean-up of the Hudson River. It celebrates Clearwater's 40th Anniversary and move to their new location in Beacon. A series of blue C's standing for “Clearwater” depict radiating ripples of the ongoing, far-reaching, environmental changes the company has affected, not just on the river but the entire valley. Mark LaRocca is a thirty three year veteran of the industry; his company is now headquartered in Rhinebeck MY.


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