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Metallic Effects Make Designs Pop!

Why Metallic Effects Make Designs Pop

Hello Readers of Graphic Design USA. You are receiving this free special issue of Be Brilliant courtesy of both Graphic Design USA, the news magazine for graphic designers and other creative professionals, and from ECKART, the world’s leading manufacturer of metallic and special effect pigments used in all types of printing inks. Simply put, ECKART is reaching out to the design community. YOU are the influencers in what makes brands stand out and become successful. YOUR creative vision drives branding success and we recognize and appreciate that value.


ECKART is a manufacturer of effect pigments and inks. We are NOT designers. But we have many resources available and know a lot about our specialty. So we can…

educate you on the many metallic and special effect options open to you, for all types of printing processes.

show you samples and examples of successes in the marketplace.

present a range of ECKART and other resources for you to draw on.

introduce the range of ink products (or as ECKART refers to them as possibilities) to make your designs jump off retail shelves or impress in the publishing world.

encourage interaction so we can all gain from each others' experiences.

Achieving Amazing Results

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Some really interesting past articles…
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- Why metallic effects make design pop?

Go to our special design site Here you’ll find a wide range of interesting articles, features, images, upcoming tradeshows and PDF brochures all about metallic/special effects used in graphic arts. And our site will continually grow in the future.

Join in the fun. Send us a winner!

Present us your interesting designs using metallics. Our submission page for the Design Showcase is on our Be Brilliant site, where we gather the latest in designs and innovations. So show off a little, brag a little and tell us how metallics helped in your design project. It is great exposure for you, your company, and the brand you represent. (We will even send you a small thank you gift!)

See and meet Pete Brown
Meet Pete This is where I come in. Officially I am ECKART Business Development Manager, Graphic Arts in North America. (Unofficially and between me and you, I am the ambassador of metallic and special effects!) My single-minded mission to help designers and brand owners use the allure of these striking colors and effects to make brands successful. Let’s talk. I may be able to open up a world of possibilities. Just schedule when and where. Thanks. You can reach me:
mobile/phone: 314-238-6710.

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